Monday, November 05, 2007

And so it begins.....

And so begins another holiday season. I'm enjoying it already because thus far I haven't been stressed over the gift buying. I'm finding what I need as I go. I admit to finding some pineapple themed stuff at Cracker Barrel for 50% off that just thrilled me to pieces and I HAD to just get it because the deal was too good to pass up. Miss Hope loves collecting pineapple stuff.

We're also officially seeing a light at the end of the military life tunnel. My husband had his 18 year anniversary on November 1. I'm sad I haven't been with him for the whole ride, but maybe that's for the best. I have too many issues with authority to live this way for a long period of time. I am very proud of that man of mine for sticking with it and doing his best to make sure we got some extra medical insurance for our golden years. I know official retirement is two years away, but I've been warned to go ahead and start planning the ceremony. Good thing I know people that can help or he would be stuck with a handshake and a "See ya!" Nah, he knows I'll look out for him when the times comes.

I thought we were going to have to hurt us a teenager this past weekend when she went to a corn maze for a big birthday party. She was three hours late getting home and the farm was so far out, there was no cell phone reception. Fred and I were beyond anxious wondering where she was. I fear our ability to make it through ages 14-18. It ended well with a parent apologizing (they had a flat tire). Let's just say Paige understands now that if she ends up somewhere there's no reception? She's got no business being there and she better find a way to contact us to come get her. My nightmarish visions that I had do NOT need to ever re-visit me again. ~shudder~

Our weather has been cooler which makes me very suspicious. I refuse to pack up the summer clothes because I can recall in vivid detail how warm it was last Christmas vacation here with kids playing outside in shorts and flip flops. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the heck out of it....but I still look around all squinty eyed, waiting for the heat wave to come out of nowhere and blast us good. Hey now, I'm all for wearing long pants and slacking off on shaving the legs. What person in their right mind wouldn't be???

I'm getting ready to launch myself into another busy week. It's different this time, because I firmly stand on the thought that it will be a productive one. I am taking my van to the dealership tomorrow to have the oil changed and see why that durn check engine light is shining so brightly. I am so ready for a new reliable vehicle that seats a lot of people in semi-comfort. How about send some good engine vibes my way. Mama can't afford to do some of that high cost maintenance that only seems to come around during the holiday season.

The laptop has been my friend today. As a result, I don't have access to my Halloween pictures. I'll try to get one out to you before week's end. I had the cutest Spider Boy in the South.


Crazy Me said...

Corn maze? That sounds like so much fun. Lucky girl!

Domestic Diva said...

Ooo, Paige! When we did the corn maze up here, girl, I about died of anxiety. I felt so trapped. If Jeremy wouldn't have been there with me, I do believe I would have just sat down and started crying until someone rescued me. I will NEVER do that again!

Hope, I hope you can get you a new car soon. Believe me, I know how it is...that's why a new car is sitting in my garage! ;)

Hey, and don't be so busy on me now. You've got to "breathe" right??