Monday, November 19, 2007

Give Ya Thanks

My year has flown by. I have no idea where it has gone. Each day that passes, I get more comfortable in this life I now live. It has it's ups and downs dealing with the military on a daily basis, but I have found that old dogs like me CAN adjust and make the best of a situation.

Last week found The Boy with a case of strep throat. I took him to be seen because he had a cold and quite a few very bad nose bleeds. I was more concerned over the nose bleeds than anything. Apparently, he has vessels close to the surface of his nasal passages and if it gets worse, then they can do some sort of laser surgery to hopefully rectify the situation. Back when I was growing up, it was called cauterizing. I think laser sounds so much better and modern. So, he missed the whole week of school. It was not a walk in the park for Mama to cooped up in the house with this active boy. I was so happy to have the initial 48 hours up so I could take him out in the fresh air.

Fred, Vitt, and I went to Mak's school Friday to see her class do a small Thanksgiving play. It was only about twenty minutes long, but very cute. They rehearsed for a couple of weeks before hand and I want to share with you a little bit about Makenna's thought process.

She was a Pilgrim in the play. (The teacher shared with us) She asked the teacher if the Pilgrims had accents. Well, the teacher was at a loss. She didn't know if they did or not. Makenna's reply was that they were from England, so shouldn't they have English accents? The teacher replied that she had never thought about it, but she would have to say that they most likely did. What did Makenna do? She read her part in an English accent. She was the only child able to do so because the other Pilgrims couldn't read and focus on doing an accent. I had to laugh. The teacher said she's done this particular play for 15 years and not once had she had a child who thought of this and went so far as to do the English accent. I guess the other parent's must've thought she was a foreign exchange student or something after she finished reading.

I thought about doing a post about all that I was thankful for. I might even still do it, but time is not on my side today. We are heading to the original Edge in S.C. for the holiday week. Our kids have the whole week off from school due to it being mostly military and that's when most of us are able to travel. Fred's taken a whole week of leave so he can enjoy not dealing with ignorant butts who haven't learned they don't need to drink and drive. We have intentions of doing some major straightening and cleaning at our home there because it's just driving me nuts. All our visits have been rushed, packed to the brim with things and places we have to go. Therefore, basic maintenance has been neglected. It's my ambition to rectify that.

I could promise that I will post if something happens that I need to share with my Internets....but I won't do that. My mother is unfortunate in that she has dial up internet connection. Not her fault, it's the luck of the draw and she got the wrong end on where the line ends for Internet connection goodness. But, I do know that I will go through withdrawals and my need for outside contact may give me the patience to fight a slow connection. We shall see.

We are getting our game plan together for Friday. You know....the bestest shopping day of the entire year? I think I'm looking more forward to that than Thanksgiving itself. Nothing better than getting up early, sipping on coffee while driving in the dark, freezing your butt off, fighting a mad rush, and having a long leisurely breakfast when all is said and done with your family and friends. That defines good living to me.

Take care, Internets. Have a wonderful week if you can. Travel safely where ever thou goest. Enjoy good food until you are stupidly full (have packed elastic waist knit pants for this!). Look twice at those around you and be grateful to have another moment with them in this life.

I'm off to have a wonderfully busy week!

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Crazy Me said...

HOpe the shopping went well. I was out there with you and got some great deals. It's also my fave shopping day of the year.