Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Not to Do

Do not write the family Christmas letter you put in your cards when you are pms'ing. It's just not a good idea. Wait it out a few days. Your outlook is bound to improve.


andria said...


The husband wanted a paragraph about each of us and after he typed his glowing review of himself and his job (so, so boring) he handed it over to me where I wrote.

Andria continues to stay home with the children. She's no longer speaking with those people who said it was easy.

And he printed it.

And I refuse to spend another fifteen bucks on ink to fix it so it's going out that way.

Lesson learned.

Krys72599 said...

You make me want to be on your Christmas card list! That was a very teasing entry! And to "Andria" who commented before me? Who learned the lesson? You or your husband? Personally I'm okay with your paragraph... Never lie in your Xmas letters...

C said...

Outstanding. That's a good reminder for me not to do it, too.