Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a Couple of Thing to Catch Up on

You might just have to forgive me on this one, Internets. I may have already mentioned a few of the things I'm going to talk about, but now I got the pictures to go along and I want to make sure I put it all down because this is really all about the kids. Making sure I record stuff for them and all because I hate scrapbooking. We cool? Thanks for your understanding. Oh, and this might be a tad long because DANG I was too busy to blog for a little while there.

You all may recall that we arrived at the New Edge around 2:30 a.m. on New Years Eve. We were so exhausted from packing up that day, checking out of base housing, eating a good supper, and the five hour drive to our new home. Because I am a seasoned traveller with kids, I always make sure there's a snack or two within reach. This time was no different. Normally, The Boy would have been passed out that late, but adrenaline is a funny thing. We were halfway to our new home on the backside of nowhere when apparently he informed Makenna that he had a loose tooth. What??? She then informed me and I was like, "NO FLIPPING WAY! HE'S WAY TOO YOUNG." I had Makenna stick her finger in his mouth to see if he was telling the truth. He was! There I sat, driving in shock, that my BABY had a loose tooth. A short time later, he asked for a cookie and I had one of the girls give him one. Next thing I knew??? Makenna was losing her mind. When my son went to bite on the cookie, it irritated that loose tooth, so what did he do? Reach in his mouth and yank it out. (That makes me weak just thinking about it.) He had a little bit of blood going on, which is what freaked Makenna out. We grabbed a few napkins and I told him to bite down on them. Calmest one in the bunch? The Boy. I decided not to call my husband who was driving in front of me. When we got to our new home, I had that kid show his Dad a "surprise". The two of us were left standing in the cold in shock while the kids ran ahead to claim their new rooms. I don't think I will ever forget when my baby lost his first tooth.

Before we left lower Georgia, we were running around all crazy-like when Makenna screamed. My poor girl had tried to put something in the car and slam the door before it fell out (we had the vehicles that packed). In the process, she slammed her finger in the door. I think by that time my brain was on overload and I just couldn't process anything else. I really couldn't. We did the best we could at the moment. The next morning, I examined it while the movers unpacked. It looked really bad. I started to worry. We couldn't stop the packers, I didn't know my way around, and The Man had to be there because this was all under his military identity. We promised that as soon as the movers were finished, we'd get it checked out. As soon as the movers drove off, we headed to the E.R. with just a few hours left in 2009. The place was deserted and we were relieved that prompt attention was given. I was feeling so guilty and like the worst parent ever. After an X-ray, we met her E.R. doctor. Wow. We were blessed right then and there. This guy was very obviously physically handicapped. He was short, very odd shaped, and had no thumbs. I kid you not. He was so jovial and all in to Makenna and what was going on. When he walked out to look at the x-ray, we were just in awe over this individual. I love my child. Did she see physical ailments? Nope, she just saw a cool doctor that she liked talking to. When we mentioned he had no thumbs, she hadn't even noticed. I saw her watching him when he came to clean a cut on her knuckle and he had to put on gloves. He never hesitated and kept up a great line of conversation. Thankfully, it appeared to be a bad sprain with some serious bruising. She had her fingers taped together with orders for no P.E. for a few weeks. (Her favorite diagnosis she's gotten a lot in the past year!) She told me later that if she was ever influenced to be whatever she can be? This doctor proved to her that you can't let anything stop you. Not even a handicap. He really inspired her and I want to say blessed her way of thinking. We were also home in plenty of time to bring in the New Year as a family.

I vaguely recalled that I may have mentioned in a previous post how we toasted our new home. The Man and I were doing a W*lmart run when we saw some sparkling fruit drink. We picked up with intentions of toasting our new home...eventually. The kids were all excited over that bottle and we were begged off an on for over a week to get the party started. Finally, one night after supper, we got down my nice wine glasses (that I got years ago and they're mostly dust collectors) and The Man did the honors of pouring it up. We toasted and did cheers a few times because it's just cool to clink your glasses together. My son especially enjoyed that part. Therefore, we clinked glasses with me cringing inside because I didn't want to lose one of my set. I leaning towards making this a new tradition for big deals in our home. Break out the sparkling fruit juice/drink in the pseudo wine bottle and make lots of toasts with loads of glass clinking!

These are a few things I really wanted to make sure I recorded. As you can tell, it's nonstop action around here. I am still taking pictures of the house when I do a little something. I think I may have enough for a post this week! I'll be looking for opinions and suggestions so be prepared, my friends.

Ready to enjoy some picture goodness? Thought so!

This is the picture I took before the movers got here to unload. I then sent it to every one I possibly could. Now he's lost two teeth and has great fun sticking his tongue through that bottom gap. I think kids with missing teeth are the cutest and I am thoroughly enjoying my last baby with a gap'd up mouth!

Those fingers looked really bad in person. We really made sure to follow doctor's orders and so did Makenna...especially the no P.E. part!

Look at that, would you? He may not have drank the fruit juice, but, by golly, a clinking good time was had by all!

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Now I wish i could of been there. He looks mighty proud of that space in that pretty grill. Give my wild man a big ole hug from me..

Neighbor Debbie