Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Snowy New Edge 2010

Suffice it to say we were one of the 49 states that woke up to snow on the ground on Saturday. I know there are some of you from up Northern way who chuckle at our excitement over snow. You just have to put it in a little bit of perspective, if you please. My son will be six in April and he has never seen snow. I take that back. If you said that statement in front of him, he would be quick to correct you. He HAS seen snow. There are pictures and the television shows it right regularly. How sad is that? His amazement and wonder when the white stuff started falling was just precious. It was like something he had waited for all his life.

My husband would just shake his head in disbelief because he has lived up North where people drive on frozen lakes and snow is common during Winter months. He exclaimed that he lived in this area of the country to get away from that weather present called snow. That this is why he won't visit his parents in Nebraska during cold weather months. I was quick to remind him that their snow lingers and lingers while ours is usually gone within 24-48 hours. Then, we don't see it again for another five or so years.

This past Friday (along with Monday and Tuesday) were days off from school for all three kids. I'm not sure why. Someone said something about a Winter Break? I had told the girls they could each have a sleep over on separate nights during the break. I just wanted them to connect with other girls and what better way than through a sleep over? Makenna chose Friday night and we were worried that none of the three girls would make it. They all came. Parents brought them before the weather got too bad. I have to admit....the parents were from states where snow isn't that big of a deal so it was just something they shrugged over. I was excited for Makenna because all three of the girls were cute and giggly. Until the power went off around 8'ish. Crap. I lit a few candles and everyone gravitated to the living room. I anticipated a bad time until those ladies started bringing out the DS's and cell phones for extra light. Well, sir. Technology won without power! The Man, The Boy, and myself headed on to bed a short time later and left them gaming and giggling in the living room. We put The Boy in bed with us. I had an ulterior motive on that one, you see. The two of them together are a flipping furnace so Miss Hope was right toasty warm. The power graced us with its presence around 11:30 so heat was welcomed with frozen fingers!

Saturday morning found some very excited children ready to hit the white stuff. Then Miss Hope handed down the law. No playing until everyone ate a good breakfast. No going in the front yard until I got my pretty pictures of the house. After those two things were taken care of, snow play commenced! By the way, can I just say I am so glad we lived near a beach and I have an amazing supply of beach towels? Not just for a sandy beach, Internets! (We ended up with around 5 inches of snow give or take.)

I took some really good pictures but did not get out in the white stuff. Miss Hope doesn't like snow. It's wet and freezing cold. No thanks. I'll take the pictures and threaten your very life if you come near me with a snow ball. I enjoy seeing the beauty of how God blankets everything and makes it look pristine. After an hour or so of this? I'm ready for it to head on out of town.

Another surprising thing is how much Prissy loved the snow. She was crazy! Paige and I took her on the front porch as it's covered for her to potty. Oh, no! Miss Ma'am went right to the snow and buried her face in it. Of course, we went and grabbed the camera. Next thing we knew? She was bounding around in it and having a large time. She also got to go outside with the kids and she came in shivering and shaking. After warming her up in the towel, a hot bath, and some food? She was passed out for a couple of hours. We had to watch her after that or she was right back in it.

I am thrilled my son got to experience snow and my husband wasn't out to sea or gone. That Man was right in the middle of them having a great time. I have to agree with a friend's status on F*cebook: "Southern children know how to build sand castles, not snow men!" While I was warming Prissy up inside, The Man brought his snow skills forth and helped these Southern kids make a special surprise for me. (Paige was in charge of creativity)

Oh, and to my mother-in-law? I know you told your son to get me good with a snow ball. Don't try to deny it! Thing is? He valued his life too much and his side of the bed to follow through! (Love you, Mrs. M!)
Thanks for the snow, God! We thoroughly enjoyed its white goodness. Wait another few years for another round?
P.S. I'll put pictures up on F*cebook now...the blog gets first dibs...loyalty and all that mess, you know. By the way, I've gotten notifications on FB that I've got a few new followers on Network Blogs on there. Thanks for visiting! If you have a blog? Let me know and I'll drop by!

Hope you enjoy the pictures...I sure enjoyed taking them!

Just couldn't wait til Saturday morning. I gave in and let everyone go out Friday evening and get some play in. This is one very happy kid right here.

This is Saturday morning. Miss Hope is inside and much warmer than those outside. Let's look at the background, shall we? The Man made pancakes from scratch. He makes amazing pancakes. He just doesn't put stuff back up and clean that well. If the pancakes weren't so good? I'd have to smack him one.

The Man recalling his snowball making abilities. Note Makenna to the right. I'm sure we're all on the same page that she is preparing to attack one of the three in the picture. My backyard looked like a war zone.

How cute is this?!? See where she hopped to get around? The snow was as deep as she is tall but it didn't stop her. Oh, no sir. She was a snow happy pup. (front yard)

Please, wear your hat. It's cold. I don't care if it messed with your peripheral vision. It's cold.

The Boy had just surprised attacked his sister and ran for it. He's quick as lightning, that one.

We took more pictures than was legal of this puppy and her "snow beards".

Post card picture of The Edge!

The best picture of all. This is what my kids made for me. Of course, this is going on my sidebar because it's one of kind Edge Goodness.


Krys72599 said...

Okay, no teasing about your measly 5" of snow... We had a foot of it in our last storm, on top of the two feet parts of NJ got the weekend before...
The photos were great! And The Edge looks awesome in the snow!

Anonymous said...

You know I won't deny it. I just thought that everyone needs to get snowballed at least once in their lives. He never thought twice about getting me when there was snow. lol I knew the kids were going to get it from each other. I'm glad they enjoyed it. Looks beautiful - like you said as long as you don't have to be out in it. Love you all, M

Lishak said...

I LOVE the puppy pics! She is absolutely adorable! Gives me puppy fever again. :)
The snow man is awesome! Very creative!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Love it. I'm glad they all had fun. Sounds like they had just as much fun as the kids here had. And believe me I lived in the snow and can live with out it as well. See The Man and I are thinking on the same level here. One problem here is that we get at least one round of snow every winter but it usually only lasts a day or two. But this year was a different story. We woke up to a White Christmas and then we got dumped on again last week. Ashley finally got her snow day and actually ended up with two. So she ended up with a five day weekend instead of a three day weekend. She was happy.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I have to disagree. That snowman ain't half bad. ou should experience a snowball once or twice. Snow down your shirt, snow in your gloves... Maybe you should try toboganning. I have one you could borrow. And I know some nice steep hillsides to tackle. Give it some thought.

Monogram Queen said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!!