Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Need, Want, and Wish

I am learning how differentiate between what I need, what I want, and what I wish for. This new house we're living in has really turned that particular light bulb on. Good for those who can have whatever their heart's desire. We simply can't. We are learning to how prioritize what needs to be done.

I challenged my husband last night. I told him to make his list of needs, wants, and wishes. I would make my own and we would compare the two lists and maybe come to a good understanding. There hasn't been any disagreements going on over household issues, but I am curious as to how we classify things.

For example? He will most probably put tools on his need list. Not me. Give me a hammer and some nails and I'm all tooled up. I might put a high end vacuum cleaner on my need list since we now have carpet and a pet. He would argue that the el cheapo we have now works fine. See where I'm going with this?

Some of my needs might make him a tad unhappy. I want more shelves in some closets and that would mean extra work for him. Then again, it may justify his needs for tools.

Hmmm...this has potential to get complicated, Internets.

I've also issued a Design Challenge to my girls. Since we are die hard fans of HGTV and DIY (I just totally advertised for them- think they'll find out and be good to us?), I have decided to let my girls do their bedrooms. I haven't given them amount yet, but they are going to be responsible for bed sets, accessories, and what not. We will provide the wall paint if any is needed. When I told them this, their eyes got bright and I could see wheels turning. All they need now is an amount. I thought I'd let them window shop first and get an idea of what they want. They're old enough now, I think, to express themselves.

This isn't all that's going on around The Edge. We celebrated Makenna's 11th birthday this past weekend. I was unable to do my usual birthday post because we were out of town visiting in South Carolina. It turned out well and I got a few pictures to record this great event. Of course, I'm going to have to do a blog post or she'll feel slighted in ten years when they read my blog. Paige will be 26 then and Makenna 21 and I can guarantee there will be statements like "See? Mama just didn't love you, man." said and the drama will ensue.

I need to go work on my list now and and figure out how I can put a thing or two on the "need list" and convince everyone that I'm right.


Krys72599 said...

Oh, I'm so looking forward to more home decorating/renovating posts!!
Can't wait to see pictures!
And yes, needed shelves require tools, but imagine the savings when you buy tools and materials but you don't have to pay for labor and you both get what you want: shelves and tools!

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out that most of what I thought were needs years ago were really only wants. I guess that things change with time. I'm still trying to figure out what is really a need. Ha!!
Love you, Hope!! mil

Busy Texas Dee said...

It's really hard to figure out what are needs and wants. But of course right now for me most of what I want is also what I need. Such as a finished kitchen with cabinets instead of tables and trying to figure out where to put dishes. I know everything here is a work in progress but some days it really gets to me and I just want it all done. And of course for me to get any of this then it means we 1. need money to do it, 2. need the materials to get it done and 3. usually more TOOLS for Michael to get the job done right. As for you wanting more shelves then go for it and just remember the more tools the Man gets the more stuff you can have hime do. Ha Ha. Take advantage while his is willing to do stuff.