Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some House Stuff

Around the time my husband retired, I received a package in the mail. In it was something so special. A fellow sub-wife had made me something and sent it to me. What makes this so special? Well, for one, this fellow sub-wife is also an active duty officer in our USNAVY. She is a very talented individual and is able to take her craft and hobby with her on deployments. She put a little note in with the gift that said this pattern made her think of me and so she took it with her on a deployment to work on.


How cool is that?? It just made me feel so special and I am humbled that someone who was so far away serving our country thought of me in her downtime.

The note also stated that this was a housewarming gift for the new house I was going to get and the new chapter my family and I were about to start. Of course, I hung it in a temporary place and packed it with care when the move happened. Since we got here, I have walked my house and squinted at walls trying to figure out the best place to display this favorite gift of mine.

Yesterday, the light bulb went off over my head. My favorite room in the house is my kitchen and breakfast area. The kitchen is roomy and the breakfast room is able to hold my big old wooden table with ease. When people visit, we end up sitting around the table talking and hanging out. Last week when Carla-Girl and her family were over eating, we sat 8 people around that table and we weren't overly crowded! I love that table. I love those two rooms together. We all know I'm Southern and we Southern people tend to gravitate to the kitchen. It's just the place to be, you know. I personally believe that hospitality begins at the table. For instance, there was a ...uh...woman that was married to a co-worker of my husband back when we were dating. Oh, how she hated the South. Oh, how she stated loudly and rudely to anyone who would listen her distaste of the South and all who resided in it. I looked at my then boyfriend and said, "Do NOT expect me or ask me to put my feet under that woman's table because I will NOT break bread at her house." Breaking bread is pretty important to hospitality.

So, you see, I finally decided that this gift would find a home in my favorite room. I want people to see how proud I am of it and how much I just adore it. Dani? I know we've never met face to face, but you nailed this one good! I just thank you again so much for thinking of me and sending the perfect housewarming gift! You are amazing. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our country.

I thought above the pantry was the perfect place. Everyone can see it and no one can touch it!

"HOSPITALITY........Welcome*Generosity* Kindness" And, yes, those are pineapples on the side!

p.s. If it doesn't show up? You can click on Dani's name to go visit her blog and she's listed to the right of blogs I read!


Dani said...

I'm blushing :) This post has made my day Hope. I'm so glad that you like it.

Mellie said...

Dani is a talented lady. What a wonderful, and perfect, gift for you Miss Hope. I'm glad you found the perfect place for it. OH, and I totally agree with the importance of breaking bread with good folks.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

The value of Hospitality has eroded over the years. It used to be a good enough reason to kill people. Odysseus killed a lot of people for taking advantage of his hospitality. And although I am glad we don't go that far any more, it is nice to see some people still hold it as sacred. May we all be welcome in each others' homes and hearts.