Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend I thought it prudent to have a little talk with Makenna. We're not huge on birthdays around here. We do celebrate with cake and ice cream with presents added in. The kids have had a party or two under their belt. It's just not alot of fanfare. It's how we roll.

This year is a little different. Paige is turning 16 in a few weeks. Wow. Sixteen years old. I gotta hold that thought for her birthday post because it just blows my mind.

Sixteen is special. Lots of grand things can happen with sixteen. You might can get a driver's license to further steps to freedom and Independence. Dating becomes a bit more important. I loved sixteen. I recall it fondly and I just believe it should be special.

I thought I would have a talk with Makenna about how this year, Paige may get a little more because it's a monumental birthday.

What was I worried about? That kid is smooth as glass and doesn't mind a bit. I love that my kids aren't jealous of each other. I don't know if having them five years apart has made them this way or if it's just how they are.

I know she was smooth about it all but I felt I needed to go a step further with the whole explanation.

It went something like this:

Me: I know it may seem like Paige is raking in this year and all but just think! Next year you turn 12 and I get to take you to the Clinique counter and have them show you how to apply make-up (age appropriate, of course) and really make a day of it!

Makenna: (confused look) Huh?

Me: You remember when I took Paige when she turned 12. It's a great thing to get your first little bit of make-up.

Makenna: (perplexed look) Why on earth would I want make-up?

Me: (confused look)

Makenna: I don't care for that makeup stuff. I mean, what is makeup but pancake on your face and what good is a pancake if it isn't edible?

Me: Alrighty then. Let me know if you change your mind.

See? My oldest child was chomping at the bit to wear make-up by age 10-11. Middle kid? Could care less at this point.


I'll never be able to keep at the rate they're going.


Denise said...

Ack, my 8-yr-old keeps asking about things like makeup, and dating, and hello, she's EIGHT! Count your blessings, Miss Hope, because if she's not interested in makeup yet, you might have a few more years before you have to worry, lol.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Any talks I try to have with my kid similarly go sideways. Always surprising. You gotta love kids.

Alicia said...

Too funny!

Roni said...

Good for her!! Our daughter is 19 & didnt begin wearing make up until last year-and only a little eyeliner & mascara. Shes a no nonsense girl.