Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homework Smarts and Such

The new school my son attends has homework in Kindergarten. At first, I was all a dither because why on earth would you give a five year old homework??? As the weeks progressed, we discovered his homework truly is only five minutes worth of work and not hard at all. It's just a small thing to get him in the groove for his school future. We haven't had any real issues getting him to complete it at night. He finishes supper before we do and brings his folder to the table so he and Dad can get it done while we all finish up.

Carla-Girl and her family were here last night eating supper. She and the kids are visiting her hubby this week and it was their ten year anniversary. (Her husband and mine got jobs at the same place, but she and the kids are still residing back where we came from as they have to sell their house before's tough living like that, folks.) Anyway, in all the hoopla, we forgot to do The Boy's homework.

At breakfast this morning, The Man pulled out the homework sheet so The Boy could get it done. He had to write a sentence using one of his sight words (list of words they work on each week). There were no arguments and the task was completed.

I heard my husband laughing and asked what was up. My son had written:

"There are zero white birds (in the tree). (I *think* the (in the tree) part was in there.)

And drew nothing to illustrate it.

Because there were zero birds and they were white.

That's my boy.

I'm not sure if I should be proud he's smart enough to do that or worried about his future homework assignments.

When that kid of mine explained it to me and grinned? I wanted to eat him up.


Keri Alane said...

I just laughed my butt off at the boys explanation! Too Cute for words!! I think Homework in Kindergarten is a GREAT thing!!! Not only does it prepare children for the future of many nights of homework! But it also helps to reiterate what they are learning and give them that little extra umph! Tell the Boy good job from the Williams family! and to Keep up the good work!

The Man on the Edge said...

For all of you wondering:
No there wasn't a tree mentioned in his sentence. Just zero white birds. That's it.

I was amazed that he figured out a sentence that he didn't have to illustrate!!

That's OUR Boy

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I am on the fence about homework for K to grade 3. If it is for families to spend some quality time supporting children at home, helping them feel successful, it is great. I can't think of a way to guarantee that all families take it in the right light. But doing homework with Juno has enriched our relationship.
Your boy is a super hero. Hope the teacher sees it that way.

Busy Texas Dee said...

That's funny. I have two little ones like that. Not that Ashley isn't smart. All the kids are smart. But Sweet Pea takes the cake. Let me tell you. The other day she told Ashley "Ashley I don't want you in my house." And then wanted to go to her room to watch a movie with her. She has also told Ashley "Don't be mean to my brother" when they are playing. Oh and get this the other day when we (Mike, myself and the two little ones) went to the store she told me "Mommy, you need to watch your driving. You need to go slowly." And she emphisized the SLOWLY. We were still on our road so I wasn't going over 30mph. Go figure. I just can't believe this child. She is a little smart-***. You wouldn't believe how much bigger her vocabulary has gotten since SEPT.
Oh and tell Vitt I'm so happy for him about loosing his first tooth.

Joe and Samantha said...

smarty pants!