Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Neighbors

I got fussed at a little bit yesterday. I was on the phone with Neighbor Debbie, checking in, when Neighbor Greg expressed his disappointment in the fact that I didn't blog about their visit a few weeks ago. I promised right then and there to rectify that slip on my part.

Neighbors. They can be good or they can be bad. I've had both, that's for sure. Living in military housing will expose you to all kinds of neighbors. Little did I know when I moved into my own home on Eagle Court, that next door would be one of my goodest friends ever.

The phrase "partners in crime" come to mind when I think of Neighbor Debbie. She stepped up to help me run a spouse program at the base chapel when I really needed the help. That meant spending lots of time together planning activities months in advance, shopping for materials and such. While planning our weekly sessions, she took it upon herself to refresh my crocheting skills and sewing skills. Her ability and mad crafting skills really impressed me and I could only hope to do a fraction of what she was capable of doing.

Carla Girl, Neighbor Debbie, and the rest of our Chief's Wives Club really had a great year that year. We met up no matter what once a month and there was always someone to do something with. Shopping trips, lunches, vent name it, we had a good time. Hold on a second whilst I get a little homesick.


Well, that Neighbor Greg thought he would be slick and move that Neighbor Debbie out of base housing. They found a really nice house out in the country in a good neighborhood and they packed it all up and away they went. How dare he. I was lost for week? What Neighbor Greg didn't take into consideration was that I come from the country. Driving to get somewhere isn't a big deal for me. Neighbor Debbie comes from the country and driving to get somewhere isn't a big deal for her, either. It was sixteen miles one way to get to each other and we weren't afraid to drive the distance when the need arose. Bless Neighbor Greg's heart, he knew The Man's retirement was coming up and we were going to have to leave so he thought he put a little separation in there. Okay, man.

Time flew by at an alarming rate after their move. Next thing I knew? It was time for us to move away. It's the suckiest part of living a military lifestyle. I am so glad I only had to do it one time because I just don't know if my nerves could take a full 20 years plus of that mess. Carla Girl and I were/are thrilled to pieces that we won't be separated forever as her husband and The Man got a job with the same company. We are now making it our mission to get Neighbor Greg a job with the same company so he can bring Neighbor Debbie to us upon his retirement the first of 2011. We have more kids than Kate and her 8 between us and they all act like cousins of a sort which thrills us to no end.

Neighbor Debbie called a month or so ago and informed me she was coming for a visit to see the New Edge. It was to be a kid free weekend for them and we were ten kinds of excited. Oh, how happy I was to see that woman drive up in my yard. I'm not even sure their Suburban was fully stopped before she out running to hug me. It was a wonderful weekend of playing catch-up and laughing. Brother John (Carla Girl's husband) spent a majority of the weekend with us (Carla Girl was in Virginia with her parents so he was alone) as he and Neighbor Greg worked together a long while before Brother John's retirement. We took them around the area and showed them perfect places to buy a home (not far from mine!).

I also discovered that if I want to keep that Neighbor Greg happy? Just keep some Hot Fresh Now Krispy Kreme doughnuts available. Oh, and marshmallows. The man can't eat just one. I now promise that if he'll come visit and bring his lovely wife? I will keep him supplied with doughnuts. I think it's a fair trade, don't you? I might even buy a few bags of marshmallows as an extra treat!

I am so ready to get everyone here and settled in for the long haul. Mine and Carla Girl's husbands have a school in Pittsburgh they have to attend. Brother John is there now (The Man goes later) and hopefully after he's done, he'll bring Carla Girl and the kids to Georgia to settle in. She's taking this opportunity to have a long visit with her parents in Virginia and it's easy for her to do since she started homeschooling the kids. I don't blame her one bit for doing this, either.

My sister Lu and her better half are also talking about maybe moving to Georgia. Wouldn't that just make life perfect for me??? To have friends right here that I know I can do things with would just be heavenly for me. I want to get on my knees and beg Lu to hurry up and get here, but I know things take time and if she can? She'll be right down the road from me.

I am ever so grateful for the technology that helps me keep in constant contact with all the people I love. The computer has been a lifesaver as I adjust to this new town and life. As much as I love the communication? There's nothing better than sitting across the table from each other sharing a cup of coffee.

Neighbor Greg? Hurry up and retire and bring your wife here to live happily ever after!!!

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Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like you are living on The Edge just fine! I'm envious of your good friends. Hold onto them TIGHT. They are not easy to come by! Hoping your Sis makes the move and Neighbor Debbie does too!!!