Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just some Thoughts

A few things have crossed my mind that I've considered sharing with my Internets. Don't go thinking I'm going to get all deep and philosophical on you. I have those kind of moments occasionally and can carry on a right decent conversation of that nature, but for now? It's just basic stuff.

Let's talk bathrooms, shall we? That half bath of mine is going to drive me crazy. I know you all have asked for pictures, but I have nothing to show as of yet! I just can't decide on the wall color and all the little sample containers on the vanity prove that. I have the ceiling color and we all just love it. I just can't find that perfect color to work with it. If someone comes to visit, I apologize for the state of my little half bath, and ask for understanding and sympathy. While surfing on the computer a week or so ago, I came across some monograms. Now, I'm Southern as they come and I just adore a monogram. I intend on having one up in my house somewhere (again with decisions) but I was right tickled over the monogram I found that day. I don't know about you, but I just don't think I want the first letter of my last name on my toilet. I kid you not. A monogram for a toilet. And ya know? That might be a cute idea...minus the letter part. I found myself seriously considering it for a moment.

The master bathroom is a delight. I have never had a master bathroom. I kid you not. I've had a bathroom off of my bedroom, but not CONNECTED to my room. That's high living for me, folks. It's big and nice and big and all double sinked up. It's got one of those cute little "water closets" where the toilet is hidden from sight. Thaaaat's right....high living, my friends. Whatever. My husband and I had to come to an understanding real quick over this bathroom. I know I have to share my bedroom and bathroom with him. I truly don't mind as he is my husband and I just flat out adore him. See, though, I'm Baptist. Well, maybe being Baptist doesn't have a whole lot to do with it, but I'm a tad on the modest side. When I close that bathroom door? I'm wanting some privacy with going about my business. This has never been an issue before as previous bathrooms haven't encouraged multiple occupancy with the size issue. I'm not saying I'm a prude and I don't always close the door, but if I do? Then keep it closed. Well, That Man of Mine would just bop right on up in that bathroom, closed door or not. By the second or third time? I realized he was seriously oblivious to The Look I was giving him. I gently told him that on occasion, I'd like to just hang out in the bathroom by myself. You know, be one with the universe and all that. Bless him, he just didn't realize my intentions and being a man, couldn't read my mind. We have to laugh at ourselves over the whole thing. We've been married for six years now and this is just becoming an issue? It's all good and now I get bathroom respect. Bathroom respect is very important, you know.

That sixteen year old child of mine ordered her class ring yesterday. ~sigh~ Last week when she brought home the brochure, we both sat and looked at it and admired some rings and laughed at others. What an exciting time it was for her! Boy, have times changed. I don't remember what it was like when my class ordered rings as I didn't get one, but I'm pretty sure we didn't get to go on the computer and "make" rings to our liking. She has had the best time making rings the past week. I've been sick the past few days and yesterday was the day for the parent's to go to the school and hand over the money. Of course The Man was glad to take her for such an important occasion. Before they left, she kept asking me to help her figure out what she wanted. I wouldn't do it. This is her ring. She's the one that has to wear it and love it. She had made a few online and I gave my honest opinion. Finally, a decision was made (and she picked my favorite! shhh) and off they went. I hated that I wasn't there for this really cool teenagery deal. The Man was, though. That'll definitely do if I can't be there.

Back to the house one more time. I really wish I had paid more attention to this blasted living room when we decided to buy this house. Maybe it appealed to me because we're both odd? The room is an odd size/shape and I'm just odd. I just can't find the zen with furniture placement as of yet. I know when I finally put each piece where it is supposed to be, I'll suddenly see rainbows and be able to take a deep breath, but I just ain't feeling it right now. I am that person who walks around the room to see it from every angle. I squint my eyes (and how does that help?), and purse my lips, tap my cheek with my fingertip, and just sigh. I walk up the stairs to look down and see if maybe I'm missing something. Nope. I just can't quite get it. But, I will. It will be good when I do. I just wish I was already there.

Right now, our focus has to be on the flower bed in front of the house. I am so ashamed to say we are "that house". The one with the overgrown flower bed that should embarrass us (and it does!). I do not have a green thumb. My parents can touch a plant and it flourishes right in front of your eyes. I did purchase gardening gloves to protect all the plants from my black thumb. The past couple of weekends we have seen rain...which puts a halt on yard work. We are determined to accomplish something this week. I am working hard to get over my sickness so I can supervise sufficiently when work commences by end of the week. The Man and I have already visited Lowe's (totally endorse Lowe's as they give military discount every day of the week for active and retired- GO LOWE'S!) and pretty much have an idea of what we want to purchase to make our flower bed look lovely and presentable. I'm not too thrilled or excited about having to work out there, but I just can't stand how it looks. My Daddy has always raised me to take care of what's yours and to make it look the best you possible can. ~sigh~ He would be so upset with me right now if he could see that flower bed. Yes sir, definitely going to work on that this week.

So, you see a little of what's been going around in my head. I told you it was basic stuff! I have been taking pictures to keep up with projects and you know I'm not stingy with my sharing them so I promise when I get to the finish line with a project, I'll be more than happy to share.

Now, I'm off to look at those toilet monograms again.


AndreaLeigh said...

try day lilies! you can't kill them. just make sure they are they are multi-blooms or they will bloom once then die. the multi-blooms just keep coming back.

The Man on the Edge said...

Monograms on our toilet? Really?

No darling, you know that I really do love you, and, I normally don't say anything, but, I think it would be too much.

Mellie said...

I was worried that you just might go back and think on those toilet monograms again - so glad to see The Man does have an opinion on that. That bathroom privacy thing...never understood it myself, but my man taught me early on that HIS bathroom time is sacred and I'm not to intrude, evah. Now that we have kids in the house, he uses that lock religiously :) He just painted the powder room bath "Russet" and I heart it lots!

Teena in Toronto said...

Our bathroom is itty bitty.

Happy blogoversary :)