Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Pledge Allegiance

Did I spell that word right? Where is spellcheck on this thing!

My new method of discipline. My oldest child..yes, the one in counselling...has the meanest sounding voice. It just oozes nastiness and folks, I'm tired of it. It's just not acceptable. This past Friday found my knot unraveling(sp?) and I was about to be thrown completely over the edge. Fred wasn't home and I wasn't happy. I haven't had a break in weeks and it's starting to show. Anyway, I digress. Paige's voice was just too much. I told her to stop what she was doing and stand straight and tall. I got the "Are you for real?" look. I told her to put her hand over her heart. Again.."You feeling ok, mom?" look. I told her to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Now we get...."Are you freaking kidding me???" look. I assure her that I am indeed serious. Now, she's pissed. She recites the Pledge through gritted teeth...spitting the whole time. She finishes. I tell her...do it again. The more she said it, the better her voice got. After the sixth time, I told her that was the nicest tone of voice and to please keep that tone in order not to have to recite again. By golly, it worked...for a day. Next day we (Dad, Paige and myself) are outside cleaning vehicles. I simply can't stand a nasty vehicle and my husband's car is held together by dirt. If he were to wash it, it would simply fall apart from shock! So, we're outside working and we are hurrying because a cloud is coming and we want to be done. I tell her to hurry cleaning out our van so we can wash it. She starts to holler at me. Right then and there I make her stop and recite the Pledge. My dad says not a word. She almost refuses. Staring down the nozzle of the water hose changed her mind. I got a sincere compliment from my Dad. He told me that was a fine way of punishing while teaching at the same time. Huh. Go figure.

We had a "swimming in rose petals" day today. Yes, that was sarcastic. Put it this way...Paige wrote a lovely 1000 word essay titled "Why I am so Upset". Man, her dad has done a number on this child with the vacation deal. Hope he's having a lovely time down at the beach ..he should...he hasn't paid the child support yet. Want to know the crazy thing? She actually enjoyed writing that stupid paper! She is SO my child!

Am supposed to go to the neuro tomorrow. Going to reschedule again. No babysitter for Vitt. Fine by me...the thought of it scares me to death.

Can someone tell me how it feels to have a moment to yourself? I'm just curious...doesn't appear that I'm going to get one anytime soon.......

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Jacinda said...

LOLOLOLOL, girl! I had quite the nasty tone with my mother "in the day." She used to make me copy from the Bible. I think it's James 2 that has a large portion about controlling the tongue. She would make me copy that when I'd get too sarcastic. Of course, slapping me helped, too! *sigh* I guess I probably deserved it most times, although I tease her now that I could have her arrested now for doing that! (not really, but times have changed in regard to that type of "discipline" you know!) You keep on goin', Hope. I am taking notes for when I deal with my own girls! :-)