Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's that time again...well, almost

It's countdown time!! School starts in a week..August 8 to be exact and we are almost ready for lift off! Clothes are pretty much bought and have been laid out and put together to form at least SIX combinations for the first day. Have you any idea how important it is to be PERFECT the first day of sixth grade???? I didn't think so. I finally realized that even though I have been asked my opinion when a combination was formed.....she really didn't want my .02. ouch. I gave up and told her she was on her own. First grade? We're cool. We got new sneakers and a blue jean miniskirt. Life can't get any finer, people. That kid is sooo smooth.

I refuse to think about the time I will have when school starts back. Even though practically every afternoon after school is taken with one activity or another....those 6 sweet hours with only the little one around? ahhhhhhhh......can you say "I believe I will have another cup of coffee and watch Good Morning America a little more"?? I have not seen that show all summer long. Before I can get my feet on the floor that 6 year old of mine has propped herself up quite nicely on the couch with remote in hand and Disney and Nickelodeon is going full blast.

I realize that mostly all I write about is my kids. I guess that goes with the territory of being a Stay At Home Mom. The kids are our lives. And, yes, I chose it to be that way. It's my career choice at the moment. One thing that alot of people don't realize is that kids are funny. My kids are a major reason as to why my weak bladder won't ever have a chance at recovery. I have a friend who after giving birth twice had such a nonreliable bladder, she was buying stock in Depends. We were sitting around talking one day whilst the kiddies played and she said ..."Ya know, I got money saved up for a patio. I've wanted one for so long and finally decided to save the money for it. Now I got crappy insurance because I'm self employed. The choice came down to....Patio or Bladder Tack" We were sitting on the sweetest looking patio ever at the time. At her house. Go figure. That's ok Ms. H....Walmart has Depends every day of the week.

I fear that I bore the scant few that visit my site. I know they visit because they are friends and we like to support each other in the adventure of blogging and then my husband visits just to be nosy. He won't even leave a comment! How sorry is that?

Just a note here. We went shopping this weekend at the beach for the school clothes. For those who don't live near some Factory Outlet Stores. ...well, I am just so sorry. I ventured into the Tommy Hil. store. Was sure I wasn't going to buy anything. Dear Mercy. I got 2 pair of jeans for Makenna and two shirts for Paige for 50 bucks. I will go back. Anyway...(sidetracked again) my friends went along with me, SIL, my two girls and her daughter. We had an incredible girls' day out. We did lunch, had crappy service, and got our appetizers and tea free! Nice. As I was sitting on a bench outside of a store I saw something very interesting. There was a group of teens sitting down not far from me. They were surrounded by shopping bags. And, folks, I mean surrounded. They were taking some stuff out to show a compadre their new duds. My eyes narrowed as I watched them. I will bet you a hundred dollars those kids' parents gave them the plastic and said...go get what you need. My kids will never know that pleasure. Hate it for them.

Just for the record also. LOVING Rock Star INXS. I admit to going online and voting and reading the rockers' blogs. Semi-enjoying Big Brother 6. Watching Brat Camp and realizing that I probably could never send my kid there. Why? Folks, that a whoooole 'nother post. Might have to get into it one day soon. Waiting impatiently for Lost and Survivor to start up again. I'm almost through with the withdrawals from not seeing a new episode of Lost.

Last but not one week I will have the pure pleasure of NOT hearing any kiddie shows unless I need a diversion for the baby. I shiver in anticipation.

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Three Boys and a Crazy Lady said...

I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!! Thank you for inviting me into your life. Now we truly can have a "whose kid is the biggest freak" contest LMAO!!! Keep it up mama!