Thursday, July 21, 2005

It is Official Folks.....

I have stated this at least twice out loud today.

If Hell is hotter than where I am, then I want no part of it.

Nuff said on that.

Ahhhh summertime. Lovely time of year. Time for sandals and cute skirts. Time for peach lip gloss and ponytails. HUMPH. It's a time for you to wear your Rainbow flip flops (and then your feet STILL sweat and slide around in the said flops- causing you to walk around with a perpetual sprained ankle) because you simply can't bear to wear more than you have to....anywhere. And you want to live in the Big Boy because it's too miserable to just sit around outside, so the idea of a refreshing pool seems to be a good idea? Ponytails? HA. This kind of weather causes you to do like me...go cut your hair off and when you get out of the Big Boy, you just put a visor on and deal with it. The thought of a hair dryer makes you whimper. And makeup? Of any kind? You have GOT to be kidding me. It's like turning the heat on full blast in a wax museuum. Bad idea, people. Bad idea.

We all ran to the sweet clear water of the Big Boy yesterday. Even my mom and dad got in- it has been that hot. They never get in but on Saturdays mostly. So, the adults are sitting around the edges whilst the kiddies play in the middle when I take note of just how hot the water is. I comment..."This is the biggest durned hot tub I ever did see". Funny...everyone else was thinking the same exact thing.

Other than that, the summer is moving along. Paige is wearing her cast out. Literally. That kid is a marvel. I've let her take another round of swim lessons this week. Hey, the doctor said she could swim and shower. Go for it, sister. I sincerely didn't realize that the fiberglass covering (which is black with pink stripes, btw) would actually fade! It seriously is. The heel is mushy and slightly cracked. Mr. Cast Guy said this would be normal with a walking cast. Uh...ok. She showed how shabby her cast was becoming today and I begged her.....Pleeeeeease, make it last one more week. You only have one more week. We will get in trouble with Mr. Cast Guy if we go begging for another one. You know they might cut you off and not give you another water cast. Ok? Ok????? She agreed. Her foot is still immobile and I'm holding on to that fact. *still crossing fingers we won't get in trouble next week when she goes to see if she can be freed from the blasted thing*

Went to see Herbie Fully Loaded last week. Kids loved it. I had a problem with it. And I discussed this with my hubby. See....this car was able to race in a Nascar race. Are you kidding me? Dear Sweet Man of mine is a fan of the race and being so has made me spend many a Sunday afternoon with engines droning in the background of my dreams as I take my Sunday nap. Of course no one can sleep through a whole race because they drive 254,876,496 miles per race (and when and where do they pee??? I need to know this). I will ask questions upon awakening. I need to know how Dale Jr. is doing since that is who we pull for. And my hubby..being the anal being that he is...will explain EVERYTHING in great detail so you feel as if you have attended class. I promise it will leaving you wondering "When did I pay tuition? What was my question again?" ANYWAY......of course Herbie goes on to win the race. I'm sure I'm not giving anything away when I say this either. He then proceeds to do do-nuts in the infield (where were the campers, people? And the rednecks? See? This was NOT a bona fide Nascar race.) My six year old then proceeds to shout the theater....."DO-NUTS!!!!!!! WOO HOOO". I kid you not. She enjoyed the movie.

I may have to drive to Virginia next weekend. With 3 kids. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that. Again.

Fred is holding Harry Potter hostage. No, not really. He got the book from the exchange and will be bringing it to us this coming weekend. I am so ready to get lost in Hogwarts again. Paige and I are at war over who is going to read it first. Please. I am bigger. I am meaner. I am older. I will win. The book is mine. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. She is not happy. I must admit though. We were in town yesterday and it took all I had NOT to swing into the Books a Million parking lot and go in and buy one. My patience is running low.

So it is official:
~ The cast may or may not make it another week.
~ My 6 year old watches too much Nascar.
~ I will read Harry in less than 3 days.
~ I don't want to go to Hell. Me and heat don't mix well.

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