Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Light Bright Moment

Explaining "light bright" moment. It's just my sarcastic way of saying this is a person whose intellect I seriously question.

I'm sure everyone knows about toy cars. Especially the ones you can push over and over and when you let it go? ...It ZOOMS over the floor until it winds down or hits the wall? Vitt got a couple of those for Christmas. Has even learned how to make it go. Such a smart baby he is. We all like Vitt's toys. He's got some neat ones and after having two girls, it's fun to see all the "man stuff".

Makenna was on the floor the other evening while I was cooking supper. Paige was reading and Vitt was probably off into something. I hear a mild scream. I say mild because it wasn't blood curdling indicating either a show of blood or something spilled. I look and guess what?

Makenna had Vitt's car and was pushing it to wind it up. Then what did she do? Put it up to her forehead. With her hair. Oh yeah, it wasn't pretty. It's white blonde and all one length. I didn't panic though. I simply walked over and got it from her. THEN I got worried. I managed to unwind maybe 3/4 of it with her whining and telling me to "CUT IT! CUT IT!" Finally she jerked her head back...leaving quite a few strands wrapped around the wheels.

This kid made principal's honor roll. She is an awesome reader.

She so had a Light Bright Moment. I worry about her.

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Crazy Me said...

Ouch! You made my eyes water!!!