Friday, November 03, 2006

She might be a TAD too smart.....

Makenna has a field trip at school today. Nothing big or fancy...just a drive over to the High School to see a play young thespians are putting on.

And my children love to wear dresses. There is nothing more unattractive than a female who cannot wear a dress. I've seen children my own children's age that when put in a dress or skirt the first time.....suffice it to say it's a sad thing to witness. I've put dresses and skirts on my girls since they were born. They are comfortable in them and sometimes prefer to wear them. ~pats self on back~

When there are field trips such as this, a skirt is in order. And it's a cute little denim skirt. Tights that are black, red, and white striped, with a white long sleeved shirt. I remembered I had the CUTEST pony tail holder. A black fuzzy pom pom on a black pony tail holder. Put on the black mary janes and we are set, people!!

As I am dressing Makenna, the conversation goes:

Mom: Makenna, PLEASE pay attention and let's put these tights on right.

Makenna: ~trying to watch television~

Mom: Makenna, this has GOT to look right now, so quit looking at the t.v.

Makenna: ~sighs~ You ALWAYS dress me up for field trips. Why?

Mom: BECAUSE...when you are out and about, you are representing Blah Blah Elementary School, your teacher, and myself. You should look your best.

Dramatic us....she is thinking too hard.....

Makenna: I get it! You're using me!!! You're using me to make people think you're the world's greatest mom!!!

Mom: ~huffs indignantly~ I am not! But I do not mind people looking at you and thinking...."look at that little girl....she must be loved alot because her hair is fixed and her clothes are ironed..."

Makenna is holding the black pom pom pony tail holder while I fight her hair to look smooth and sleek.....

Makenna: Whatever. Hey, look Mom!!!

She puts the pom pom up to her nose

Makenna: With this I can be a GOTHIC clown. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mom: Whatever.

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