Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Holiday 2006

Thanksgiving Holiday 2006 is now officially over. Thank goodness. We went home for the week as there were many things to do in a short amount of time. It was nice until I realized when I had one minute to sit down....I had no computer! I had nervous twitches thinking about all the spam and emails I was missing. Cold sweats haunted me when I'd think of all the good deals I would be missing on my favorite websites. I don't necessarily buy all the time...but I sure like the option if I so choose.

My son was asking to come "home" around Tuesday. How on earth do you explain to a two year old that he IS at home and that home is in Georgia also? He was so confused by the time we pulled out Saturday and in desperation, I asked him if he wanted to ride his "Bee-Bee"? (that would be bicycle for the rest of you) OH YES! After a grueling almost 6 hour drive that normally takes 4 hours, we pulled back in to unload two vehicles stuffed to bursting with purchases and containers of Christmas ornaments and decorations. He went straight to the bike. My conclusion to that is....home is where the bike is.

The girls spent Wednesday through Saturday with their father. His in-laws have a time share in Hilton Head and that's where they went. Bless his heart. He thinks he is the MOSTEST ....and he owns nothing....it all belongs to the in-laws. Apparently the girls had a good time until Paige suggested Makenna take a bath and step-mom said she was fine...didn't need one. Of course, Paige being my child....informed them that that was just nasty. So started the fireworks. My phone then went haywire with all the text messages she started sending. Paige has come to conclusion that she can visit her father...but two days is the limit. After that, it all goes downhill. I found out after we met them off of I-95 enroute home, that the step-mom made a few remarks about me. I just shrug them off because she seriously means absolutely nothing to me. Paige? Well, sister won't let anyone talk about her Mama. That's my girl.

Fred and I got to go to a soiree at my old friend's house. We were aghast to realize it had five years since we had a get together. It was the best time. It took all of 30 seconds to fall back into our routine of dishing ancient dirt on each other and literally screaming with laughter. We had left Vitt with the oldest "adopted" grandkid so she could earn some cha-ching to shop with and we kept putting off leaving. Finally, we picked him up around 1 a.m. I wouldn't even go in because of the shame of being so late. Ah, good times. Good times. Before we left, we decided to get started around 4 p.m. next time since we all had kids now. We'll still be 1 a.m. picking the kid up.

Fred, myself, and our partners in crime did hit the Black Friday sales. It was simply marvelous. My husband and I make a good team. Breakfast was great and so was the four hour nap I took when I got home. We're still marveling over the good deals we got. We're like that...Fred and I.....we'll discuss things to the absolute death!

Now to prepare for Christmas. My body has decided to come down with a bout of bronchitis since I'm back and really need to get some stuff done. But, time and shopping wait for no one.

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Crazy Me said...

I thought I was all done with my shopping because of all I did after Thanksgiving but I can't stop! I'm addicted to the sales! Help!!!!!