Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good Stuff

~peels wrapper off 'nother bite-sized candy bar~

~types with chocolate on tips of fingers~

So, have I told you how much I love Halloween? About how the timing this year was perfect...when I require certain amounts of chocolate in order not to kill the nearest person? About how I can tell the girls they can't have but so many pieces? About how I can hit that stash all day long while they are in school? About how I can totally blame Fred when all the good candy bars are gone?

Yeah, I like me some Halloween.

~peels the wrapper of a tootsie roll~

Yesterday I came into the computer room and saw like a dozen wrappers littered around the keyboard. I knew they weren't mine because I clean up my evidence. I started interrogating the girls. They were Makenna's. I asked her what on earth was she THINKING eating that much candy???? And I said it with a straight face, too. Her reply? "Mama, that stuff is so good and I just couldn't resist just one least 6 times."

I feel your pain, sister.

Wonder who she gets it from?

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