Friday, November 10, 2006

The Shredder

Never EVAH send a man by himself to buy something simple. I know this. Yet, I did it anyway.

Fred and I have been discussing buying a shredder for a while. Back home, I used my mom's when the junk mail pile got too high and it sufficed. Now, that we're in Georgia, there are things that are not easily accessible....hence the purchase of a new shredder.

I'm not all about fancy. Or high tech. Just give me something simple that'll get the job done and I'm smooth.

Earlier tonight Fred volunteered to run to the Super M and get some creamer for me. I am out and the thought of enjoying a Saturday morning cup of coffee without it made me very sad. Very sad indeed. He mentioned as he was going, he would pick up a shredder. No problem. I was sitting outside chatting with my neighbors..enjoying the evening. I really didn't think anything of it.

I knew better.

He came back around an hour later with a shredder. A forty something dollar shredder. Are you kidding me? Is it going to shred my documents AND take them out to the garbage can? But, Darling, it can shred DVD's and CD's and credit cards...etc etc etc. That's nice, dear...but why on earth would we need to shred DVD's or CD's???? And I have a perfectly good pair of scissors to decimate old credit cards.


Lord spare me from a gadget junkie. I hope he's gotten his fix for a while.


Jacinda said...

Hee hee. Men can make something so easy so hard can't they?!!?

Crazy Me said...

MEN!!! My boy did the exact same thing when my old shredder died.