Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy Weekends Tend to Happen

Pardon the silence from the Edge the past few days. Fred's Dad came for a weekend visit and we've been busy since he got here around midnight Thursday night.

It had been exactly three years since we had seen Mr. C., and we were all excited about his arrival. Friday morning my son saw his "Poppies" for the first time in his memory. It wasn't love at first sight for my baby. Sure, he talked to Mr. C. on the phone all the time, but the real deal was sitting at his dining room table before he was even awake. The girls were a different story. Mak has always loved her Poppies and she's not afraid to let it be known. Paige gives her love a little more freely with her Pops, too. We sent the girls on to school and the boys went to bond over a round of golf. They came home mid-afternoon with my husband the day's champion.

We met that Carla and family out Friday evening to get some eating goodness. John was blown away when Mr. C. mentioned that his nephew was being scouted by Auburn. John is a HUGE Auburn fan and remembered seeing the name on the website as a potential. Cody (who is going to be our claim to the NFL one day) is being scouted by Vanderbilt, Harvard, Princeton.....and probably a few other names I can't remember right now. More on him at a later date.

Saturday found us heading to Saint Simon's Island to look around and eat some she-crab soup. The weather was beyond perfect and I took advantage by taking a lot of pictures. We hung out there for a long time before trekking back home to eat at Carla and John's. See, our lives on Saturday consist of this question: Which house will we be at? Hope and Fred's? Or Carla and John's? Our kids look forward to it and so do the adults. It's just our thing to do. Supper was amazing, as usual. Carla always comes through with her amazing cooking.

We relaxed for a while yesterday before Mr. C headed back home. Vitt showed off his bike riding skills and was tickled when Poppies borrowed Paige's bike. They raced around and laughed while I snapped pictures. Mr. C. said it had been around 15 years since he had last rode. Looked like he hasn't forgotten how to me.

Time came to head to the airport too quickly. Paige and I stayed behind while the younger ones tagged along. As Vitt watched Mr. C. through the plastic partition walk away, he told his Dad, "Awe. I miss Poppies."

I'm glad Fred got to see his Dad and spend some really good quality time with him. We had a good time and really enjoyed a weekend that went by entirely too fast. Hopefully, we'll see him sooner than three years!

P.S. I'm kinda braggy about the fact that I have a three year old who has been riding his bike without training wheels for a few months now. It blows me away when I see him whiz by on that tiny bike. He's not too good on stopping, but my neighbor has taught him how to "tuck and roll". He's a professional at that now.


Carla said...

That biking picture is so cute. I am so glad Fred got to see his Dad. I know they had a blast over the weekend and now Vitt can actually put a face to the voice on the phone.

Krys72599 said...

Braggy? I'd be taking out newspaper ads! I live on a street full of kids who have a real hard time with two-wheelers. Wait 'til I brag about your young'un!

Dani said...

So cute ... glad you had a great weekend!

Domestic Diva said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time together!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

It's great that your toddler doesn't toddle. He rolls! Some kids are just smart that way. Tell him he's a kinesthetic genius.

MIL said...

Mr. C had a great time too. He just didn't get home until about 4:00 a.m. Monday because of plane delays. I was happy he was able to go. Thank you for the pictures. Love you all.

House of Hayes said...

Glad you had a NICE VISIT :) Looks like the whole family had one thing in mind..BIKE RACING...GO VITT GO!!