Monday, October 01, 2007

Did I mention?

Did I mention that I passed Mentor Training for Compass Class? I sure did.

Did I mention that I participated as a Mentor last week for the first time?

Did I mention that the day I was to present, I was supposed to be the second presenter and due to conflict and miscommunication, I ended up being first? That meant I had no time to last minute study or get nervous.

Did I mention that when I got behind the podium, I started talking and realized I might do a better job if I had no shoes on my feet? (It worked, too!)

Did I mention that my part was to be approximately 60 minutes long and I went over only by four minutes?

Did I mention that five minutes into talking, I realized that studying does pay off and since I was comfortable with my information, I was no longer nervous?

Did I mention that I'm glad this only happens once a quarter because it can be time consuming and that's not all that cool to someone who is volunteering and has three kids?

Did I mention that Carla and I took a celebration trip to Tar*et Friday night (I had to get a birthday gift) and we freaked two kids out because Material Girl came on the radio and we blasted it and sang at the top of our lungs?

Did I mention that I will no longer ride at night with Carla because as we were driving down the interstate she happened to mention she has night blindness? That, and she can't talk while driving? This was confirmed when she jerked across three lanes of traffic so as not to miss our exit.

Did I mention I drove home because ...well, need you ask?

Did I mention that I now want a gas guzzling Chevy S.U.V. to drive of my very own?

Did I mention that because of all my volunteer goodness last week, I now have another obstacle course of mounds of laundry to get done?

Did I mention I need to go now because last I checked? The Magic Laundry Fairies don't work on Mondays.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

Congratulations... on both the presentation, that seems to have gone well, and surviving the harrowing night ride. We could all use fairies like that. If you see any, cage them, they're worth a fortune.

Krys72599 said...

I thought perhaps you had forgotten to mention something, but I was wrong!

Paige-A-Roni said...

*ahem* You forgot to mention that you emabarassed me whilst I was on the phone with my ((ex boy)) friend. **cough** Not cool.

AndreaLeigh said...

You go, girl! I bet you are a fabulous mentor. Have you thought about applying to be an ombudsman or running for a FRG position?

Miss Hope said...

Oh no, Andrea. I'm not capable of doing anything like that. I'm too opinionated and would probably get hubby in too much trouble because his wife is too mouthy for her own good!

AndreaLeigh said...

LOL, after dealing with the people I've had to deal with through the FRG and ombudsman position, I say it is a huge benefit if the ombudsman pratices tough love! Hahaha!

Crazy Me said...

Did I mention that you are hilarious!

Domestic Diva said...

Hope says... "Did I mention that DD is the coolest person in the world?"

Oh yeah, that's ME saying that. :)

Love ya, girl!

Miss Hope said...

Shoot, DD, that goes without saying.

♥paige said...

Like, DUH Mrs. DD. ( :