Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hear That?

You don't hear that? Well, I'll tell you what you can't hear. That, my friends, is silence. Pure golden silence. Surrounding me and soothing my tattered nerves.

I am a Taurus. Anyone who knows anything about zodiac signs will tell you that a Taurus is a bull and the Bulls don't like change. Mess with their routines and you'll find yourself holding a red flag in your hand. Don't get me wrong. I love the holidays and all that goes with peace, love, and getting presents. I just don't like the adjustment period it takes getting back into my lovely routine after all is said and done.

I survived two extra kids with ease. They were great and I missed them when they were gone. But, during that week, my neighbor was sick and put in the hospital. I volunteered to help with the 2 1/2 month old as Dad was back and forth between the hospital and home. Again, not a problem as that baby girl is sweet as sugar and was golden while hanging out at my house. I did look around one day and mentioned to my husband that I must be on crack to have six kids up in my house at one time.

School. School did not start back for my kids until today. Paige was ready last week to head back to the hallowed halls of Middle School. She's all about the social scene and she was missing her peeps. We had no problem getting her up, dressed, and out the door this morning. I don't anticipate it being that easy next week.

Makenna, on the other hand, could go the rest of her life without stepping back in school, but she was ready this morning, too. I think she needed a break from The Boy more than anything. we get to The Boy. If ever a child needed structure, routine, and time outs on an hourly basis? My kid qualifies hands down. He's gotten into so much stuff in the past week. Purely out of sheer boredom. He's cut a phone charger cord in two with a pair of scissors. He's brushed his teeth a thousand times. He's took the arms off of his new Power Ranger action figures only to beg me to put them back on. He's gone AWOL out the door every time you turn your back. Being a double hand full has been his goal and determination from sun up to sun down.

This morning I found my freedom again. I awoke with a spring in my step because everyone was going to be gone! I was going to do my Thursday morning class on base without a care and a skipped heart beat wondering what my son was in to at that moment. Now I have about 30 minutes left before The Man brings that Boy home from school. And all will be fine. I've had a moment to breathe and am ready to face the afternoon.

I got a few things I'd like to throw out there in future posts. Election year. Oh, joy. What fun are we, as a country, going to have this year, Internets? I see lots of political blog reading in my future. Nah, I won't get all opinionated over things. I choose to look at the funny side of life when it comes to this.

I'll leave you with a scene from my life this morning:

Vitt and I were walking to the van so we could head across town to his school. He insisted on taking the long way around some bushes. And back through the bushes. And back around the other way because he missed a bush. I kept telling him to get in the van because we had to go!

As I helped him inside his door, he jumped away as if he were going to make me chase him to the back row.

I said..."Dear Lord. PLEASE help me not to snap this boy in half. If you are so inclined, Dear Lord, PLEASE help him listen to his Mama and GET IN HIS CAR SEAT!!"

As my son sat down in his car seat he said...."Amen."


Krys72599 said...

Welcome back, Miss Hope! We missed you and yours!
Sounds like '08 is off to a great start, what with temporarily increasing your family size to 6 w/o the giving birth part... Hope your neighbor is better, glad to hear the kids are back in school (yay!), enjoy your class, and feel free to expound on what you learn from those political blogs - so far I've thoroughly enjoyed your commentary...

The Man on the Edge said...

Alright, my love. I've started a blog of my own since you keep telling me that I need to. You know that a lot of what I am going to say is how I see things. But, we usually discuss them anyway.

As far as this entry into your blog, I have two things to say. After spending two weeks with The Boy, day in and day out, I honestly don't know how you deal with him the way you do. My hat's off to you. And, I love you so much more because of it. You will never know how much I appreciate what you do. Also, at least we know that we are doing something right. He knows how to end a prayer.....LOL.

C said...

"Amen." Ha.

I'm just waiting for the RR to begin destroying things. I mean, she's already a little monkey with NO FEAR, and she's what, 15 months?

Glad to have you back!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

My daughter does the running around and playing thing while we are trying to get going. I've never tried praying. Thanks for the tip! Happy new year!