Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things that Make me Feel Good

There are a few things that have made me feel good lately.

The other night out of the blue, I informed Paige that she was to pull her M*space page up. It was time for a surprise inspection. Without hesitation, she opened it up and I sat down to see what was going on in her world.

She has over 200 friends and she was able to tell who each and every single one of them were. She has a few of my friends on there who help me "police" what she does. Invasion of privacy? I think not. It's called doing what we can to keep our child safe.

I clicked on a couple of her friends to see their pages. One kid from back home kind of surprised me. I'm pretty sure his parents don't know what's on his page. Uh....girls in thongs showing the backside? Picture of him trying to be all sexy with no shirt on? Gotta hand it to the kid...he's a cutie. I did like the pictures of the fish he's caught. Boys a natural like his dad, I believe. (Now I'm sure we've all figured out I've given clues here so Mama can go check his page if she so desires. That means I haven't been tattling per se and he can't hate me later.)

Another happy thought for Miss Hope is my little group of friends. We all get along splendidly. At the moment we are engaged in covert operations. We pulled Secret Pal names at the Christmas supper. Now our missions are to deliver at least one gift a month without being caught. Carla and I have successfully completed a mission or two. I am usually the driver while either Carla or Paige do the quick run to the door. We go late or early...depending on if we know our Pal's schedule. I've yet to receive anything this month, but since we're nearing the end of January? I'm all excited waiting to see what shows up on my door step.

One more happy thought. I love riding behind certain police cars in our town. Nothing will give you the warm fuzzies more than reading on your local officer's bumper: This vehicle purchased with confiscated drug and weapon money at no charge to the taxpayer. I might be paraphrasing here as I can't recall exact wording....but you get the idea. one more for ya. Makenna received a lot of art supplies for Christmas. She got a wooden case with the art pencils, oil crayons, and paint from Grandma, along with a high dollar sketch pad. She got a monogrammed bag from the SIL and my brother to carry such supplies in. Apparently, my girl is into the still-life drawing style. Her self proclaimed project of late is drawing a wine bottle, wine glass, plate of bread and cheese along side the bottle. She drew it first in plain pencil as she needed an idea of what to do. Then she drew it in the colored pencils to see the effect. Now, she's done it in the oil crayons. Same picture. Everything in the same place. How she's done that is beyond me. How she even know to put a picture like that together is beyond me since we do not have wine in the house. Leads me to believe girlfriend is more observant than we think. I enjoy watching her draw and study her colors. She retreats into her own world where she just draws. But, she cannot be an artist. Or move to Paris for inspiration. Or hook up with some foreign speaking punk.

Those are some happy thoughts I've had of late. It doesn't take much to make me enjoy my life. Methinks I'm going to be enjoying it a little more soon as we are in the process of finding a new vehicle! I am beginning to hate the word "research" as that is all we've been doing. I'm sure it's all gonna pay off when Mama gets behind the wheel of her new ride!


tanner said...

Thanks Hope. I know that has to be my boy. Who else??, even though that doesn't suprise me any. I will be checking him out and I will let him know that the parent police is watching him too. Keep your eye out for me.

Miss Hope said...

Now, girl, I wasn't calling any names. I gotta tell ya, though...he's one good looking kid! I just keep picturing him around 2 years old. LOL

That's child snuck and did "eyeliner" pictures. What on earth??? Right now that's her obsession...I'm sure the driver's license will be next.

C said...

Your family never ceases to amaze me. :)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I think your instincts are good. All artists suffer, right? and bad romantic choices are the best way to suffer. I don't suppose you could encourage some artistically necessary interest in an emotionally and financially stable heartbreaker?

Krys72599 said...

You, Miss Hope, are a GREAT mother!

Miss Hope said...

Lawn? If I know my girls....I'm doomed to dislike quite a few males in their futures. I can only hope and pray M and P will wise up quickly.

C, join the club. My family amazes me all the time. And it's not always good.

Thanks Miss Krys!!!