Thursday, June 26, 2008

Empty Shelf

I do believe I shall never win any Parent Of the Year awards. My parenting shelf is going to remain empty from here to friggin' eternity. No pretty trophies with my name anywhere on them to be found.

Remember how I said I had to make vision appointments for me and Paige? Yeah. We had those appointments today.

I am smooth. The glasses I got two years ago for night driving are just fine. I'm reading great and the eye Doctor told me keep it as it was. Sweet. No age related vision problems catching Miss Hope. That's right, Internets. I dodged the old lady reading glasses yet again!

Paige has been swearing up and down she needs glasses. So my kid loves to hang on the drama side sometimes. I'm just not a parent that goes running for medical intervention at the drop of a hat. I'll surely take you if you're sick, but please don't abuse the system people!

I informed the eye tech and eye doctor that she was wanting some glasses. I felt it my duty to forewarn them she would probably do what she could to score some. They welcomed my advice, patted me on the back, and sent me out so they could face her down.

After a short while, I saw my daughter coming down the hall way with the doctor.

Gall dangit.

She's got 30/50 vision.

Are you serious?? I honestly thought the doctor was trying to pull one over on me. She had an eye exam in July of 2006. Got fully cleared. What is up with this??

I was just floored.

I let her pick out a pair of glasses there. Very spendy, modern, perky, adorable, diva-licious glasses. I got her prescription so as to buy a cheaper spare pair.

I can't believe it.

My baby is blind!!!! At least that's what she told her Nana when she called. "I tried to tell Mama I can't see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Whatever.

Sometimes I feel like I am so screwing up this parenting gig I'm doing.


chelle's winks said...

Girl...haven't you learned to listen to that drama child of yours...ya know sometimes she's right...

It happens...don't feel bad, Kyle is the same way!

Good for you...wait til your 40's come around...that is when it happens...Mark and I both are streching the books....

Mrs. Em said...

I can't wait to see those glasses with the bling!!

Crystie said...

Girl, I feel your pain. I took Alec last year for a vision test and he too has VERY poor vision. Bless his heart, it cost so much money to get those thick lenses filed down to something that didn't resemble the bottom of a bottle. Do you remember me as a little girl in Sunday School w/my glasses? His vision is worse than mine was/is. I felt so guilty 'cause I don't know how long he was struggling to see. He still loves his mama though, as I'm sure your Paige does too.

Jill AKA busymom said...

My dear Hope.....this is what I have to say about the whole thing....Remember the boy who cried wolf?

About two months ago I took all four of the keiki to the eye doctors...and myself....that right there is a story.

Anyway.....all three of the older ones came out with prescriptions....the oldest needed the strongest script...the other two were boarderline...and I am doubting their legitimacy at this point.

So last month I had to take the NFL king to the doctor for his football physical and they did the whole nine include an eye test. So we go into the exam room and the doc is going over his questionaire...and comes to the question about wearing glasses....and my friend Dr. Carroll (who must have teens) is surprised by the fact that NFL man has checked the box that says he wears glasses...because he has perfect eye sight!!!!

I KNEW IT!! Now I have to find a way to trick Diva 2 into forgetting to pretend she can't see!

Pikes Pickles said...

Here it is the mother of the year award. Ive got tons of them. NOT. But this here tip will earn you some sort of award...ready?

Ally has a few pairs instead of one expensive pair -- even with the military discount. They are REALLY cute and trendy. We love them.

Good luck!

I am Boymom said...

We all have our "bad mom stories." In honor of yours, I'm gonna blog about mine, so you can feel a little better. Drop by in a day or two and you can laugh at my idiocy! And yeah...definitely check out the 39 dollar glasses site, MAJOR savings!

I am Boymom said...

I am so glad you found me, I hope you feel better now that you know we all have our "moments" with the kids! I love your blog, thanks for sharing and being so candid about your life experiences.

Monogram Queen said...

I am the same way, hub will go to the doc at the drop of a hat or a sniffle (gets it honest from his Mom) me - not so much. Which is why he has alot of medical bills to pay - and I don't. Hah!

They DO make some cute glasses though! Personally i've always kinda wished I could wear colored contacts but I bought a non- script pair and couldn't even get them in!

OneHungMan said...

Never heard of 30/50 vision. OHM thought the first number was always 20.

Miss Hope said...


I don't know, Hung. Maybe I heard the eye doctor wrong. All I know is my baby can't see good!