Monday, June 16, 2008


Still on the sick side here. Coughing kills me! The Man and I have been coughing so much it's not even funny. Of course it gets worse when you lay down at night and the sinus drainage kicks in. Our past few nights have consisted mostly of dozing and trying to cough in harmony. I'd rather sleep.

Now, I'm on the fast track (isn't that a ride at Disney?) to getting my house as straight as possible before the Mom in law and The Man's cousin get here this evening. It won't be perfect but it'll be clean.

Got a big juicy roast cooking in the crock pot so supper should be mostly taken care of. Crock pots rock.

Just a small ditty to share with you from last week.

We came home from our visit to SC. Most of the time we were there, The Boy stayed with my brother and his family. The Boy refers to my sister-in-law as "Ma". Doesn't bother me a bit. He knows who Mama is.

After arriving back in Georgia, we were mostly busy with getting back into the routine and getting sick. (Lovely combination, huh?) Next thing we know? That kid is dressing himself, packing a bag, filling his pillowcase with pillow and toys, slipping on his galoshes (it was raining) and was telling us he was going to Carolina. Uh...excuse me? Yes ma'am, he informed me. He was going to Ma's house to play with Cayden. I see. When asked how he would get there, he replied "big truck". Now where this truck was coming from, we had no clue. We had to start keeping a close eye on him because he would slip out the house with all his hobo essentials to go sit on the sidewalk/curb. We believe he was awaiting the big truck to come get him for the ride to Carolina. Each time, he was brought back in kicking and screaming and crying. Poor baby. He had such a good time. Who can blame him for wanting to go back?

I just realized yesterday that I now have to purchase my boy a backpack for school. That makes it more formal, you know. I am a big fan of Land's End backpacks. Makenna has had the same one since 4k and it's not hurt a bit. I even wash the sucker when the pencil marks get bad and it's still holding like a champ. (Yeah, a little free advertising here) When asked what kind of pack he wanted, The Boy insisted it had be...what else? Green. Can do, my baby. He better like green for a long time, because Mama gets her money's worth out of these things. At least 4 years worth.

Now I must go upset my daughters' slumber. Things must be finished around here before the big arrival and I fully intend to incorporate child labor. Hey, I had to labor to get them here, didn't I? Turnabout is nothing but fair.


Lishak said...

Good luck with your house cleaning today! I hope you enjoy having family here. :)
Too funny about Vitt! I must say I've probably done that once or twice myself as a kid. :P

chelle's winks said...

Glad yall are feeling better and hope all goes well with your family visitors.

Thats cute about Vitt...just another reason for you all to hurry home.....

ally said...

your family seems like so much fun!
nothing like mine... haha.

I am SO coming to visit you when i live in Virginia :]

Pikes Pickles said...

Miss Hope-
I do hope your feeling better. I loved the image of the boy sitting at the curb. My Trey always told me he was running away and off he'd go to sit at the curb...cause he knew he wasn't supposed to cross the road...
Ally has informed me that your crazy family is the closest thing to our so when she gets homesick shes going to visit Miss Hope. Kind of weird to give her my blessing to visit some stranger that I met on the internet.LoL.

Sugar said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. Summer sniffles and coughs are no fun at all.

Poor Vitt, kids are pretty funny (and stubborn) when they get fixed on an idea. My Little One is the same way. Let us know if his truck ever shows up. ;)

Have a good visit with your family.