Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Need a Pill

Dudes. I'm letting myself get overwhelmed here!

I got The Man's family due to arrive the end of next week. I'm so excited about seeing them I can't hardly stand it! But, the house isn't right yet. And I need it to be right. At least for the first few days. It ain't happening like I want it to. Argh!

I have to send out my very first newsletter for the Chapel program this week. D-Day, so to speak. Our first week alone. With our beloved Chaplain gone. Sink or swim time. I can't swim!!!! Where are the floaties????

We're going home this weekend for a graduation. First visit to SC without a home to go to. This doesn't faze my family there. They still have their homes. We have been put in my Grandma's house since she is ill and residing with my Aunt. Are you kidding me? You can eat off of her floors! I have three kids. Makes my nerves bad thinking about it. Plus, I have to face it head on that my home of 15 years is gone. No longer mine. I so don't want to do this.

I am not having a good rational thought kind of day. Ever have one of those? Might be a combination of PMS and the summer joy of having chaos surrounding me all day long in the form of my kids. There's no downtime to be found at all.

Add in the fact that your husband is busting his butt to do online classes in order to get a degree to better support this family and you know he has to study and work hard and you can't keep the house quiet for him and dangit it just sucks you have to do most of it but you'll do it because you know how important it is and you want to support him because you love him. It's kind of like a sea tour with no sea time. He's here in body but his mind is in the statistics book.


I need a pill or something.


p.s. And I can't believe you guys didn't think the post on The Boy wasn't funny. We're still laughing over it.


Jill AKA busymom said...

Hugs Ms Hope....you read my blog from yesterday...so if you find some pills save one for me! I have done the hubby get a degree so all the responsibility is mine thing...not so much fun...sounds noble but it's not as rewarding as one would think! AND my question is how come I could still be a fulltime mom and employee WHILE getting my degree?

The answer my friend is that I am able to have many boxes open at a time....but that wonderful man of mine is only able to have one open at any given moment!

Look at this way.....at least your parents aren't making you pitch a tent in their yard! LOL

cat said...

Maybe you need to go to my doc. He hands them (nerve pills) out like pez.

I read you post about the boys and fell off my chair, I hope you don't mind, but I let the other girls in the office read it and they found it just as funny as I did.

Monogram Queen said...

Greetings lurker - now you are on my blogroll and cannot escape me Bwaaa haaaa!!!

Oh honey, Tranzine is like my BFF. A half a one and la~la~la~la all my troubles are gone. 'Course I don't take them EVERY day but their there when I do.

About staying at your G'ma's house well at least she won't be there cos' that would be more stressful to me. You can do a good straighten up before you leave! I've got to do some back reading on you so give me some time okay? Thanks for visiting my blog and you are welcome any time.

Miss Hope said...

Jill.....I know we're on the same page, girl. 'Nuff said about that, huh?

Cat? You got right ahead and share the joy that is called my son. I thought my MIL was gonna die when she read that post.

M. Queen? I'm all about my initials/name being put on stuff, so I knew we'd get along. Welcome to The Edge. In Southern style? How's your Mama? And can I get you a glass of sweet tea?

chelle's winks said...

Sounds crazy but your house can't be as bad as mine, cause we don't have floors to walk on!!!!

Are we gonna see you this weekend. I have a grad. party Sat. after graduation.(?)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Calculus is kicking my..%$# tell me more about pills! I am a virgin to the pill issue! ;} Oh my gosh I am ready to drink and run buck naked through a field singing the sound of music!!!! at the top of my lungs ! Wait ... who am I kiddin'? I ain't runnin' no where. I'll just walk briskly, naked through a field singing!
So share ladies!!!

As far as your little one I thought he was so funny! Alex found it funny also, his eyes got really big and he gasp, "Oh, he ordered that!?" I said, "yep and that face you just made I bet his momma made the same one!!" LOL! I was just too busy to post at the moment I read about him! He's a funny guy!
Bet ya'll put the remote up on Saturday mornings now, lol!!

Pikes Pickles said...

I think YOU can. I think YOU can.

I believe in you.

In regards to the BOY whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? I remember looking forward to GRAPE APE all week long.