Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check this out!

Normally, I don't blog on Saturday evenings, but sometimes you have to make an exception.

If you're bored and have a minute, skip on over to I Am Boymom, would you? She has a giveaway going on that might be beneficial to all...especially those with kids. I know after having viruses going through our home lately, I was right interested in this product.

Boymom is right nifty (I can hear her laughing over that word now!) and knows her stuff.

Good luck all of those who decide to enter!

Now I'm off to watch Harry Putter ....again.....with the family.


Krys72599 said...

Am watching it, too!
See? I told you we must be related!

I Am Boymom said...

Thanks so much for the promo, Hope! Head over to the blog for another NIFTY giveaway! You rock. Seriously. And if anyone really knows there stuff, it wuld be you.