Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We had a birthday to celebrate and friends came in for a short visit last week. I had 10 people up in my house! It was bedlam. It was great. We had kids running around outside and adults enjoying time off from work. Thursday evening, the adults went out to supper and left the kids behind. A simple meal turned into two hours of sitting and chatting and being grown ups.

Friday was all about the kids. Carla and her crew, Lu and her crew, me and my crew headed down to the Jacksonville Zoo for a full day of fun. That would be 15 people doing the caravan with picnic goodies packed in the back of SUV's.

This was special for us because it was The Boy's first visit. We just haven't been able to take him to places like this because he would just get so over stimulated and the experience would end up being miserable. What a blessing it was to see it all through his eyes. Animals he had seen in books and on television were REAL!!

We walked and walked, looking left and right. We fed stingrays and giraffes. Komoda Dragons were awesome in person. Even Paige got all excited and had a blast with her 15 year old self.

When we couldn't walk another step, it was time for a picnic. The kids ate quick so they could play (where did they get the energy???). The adults took their time and enjoyed just being able to sit down.

I do believe when we got home, all the adults crashed for a nap while the kids kept going strong.

Of course I got pictures! I'm researching new cameras now as the one I have is on its last legs. It keeps trying to quit on me but keeps hanging in there. I keep begging it to last "just a few more months". One day it's going to ignore me and just die. Probably at The Man's retirement ceremony!

This is feeding the stingrays. The Boy LOVED this exhibit because it was hands-on. Right up his alley. You can see The Man's hand on his back because he almost fell in a few times trying to reach the stingrays.

I love this because he had either just fed one or touched it. He was making sure I saw that it had happened! See the dark shape in the water floating away?

See what I mean? His expressions were just priceless and I'm so glad I caught them! By the way....everyone around the water was in our group!

Once she got past the "EWWWWWW Factor", Paige was all about some stingrays. That child of mine sure has some gorgeous hair.

I don't have a picture of Paige feeding the giraffes because I had to take a picture of her doing so with her cell phone so she could send proof to all her peeps.

Look at the tongue on that giraffe! My boy was living the life for sure at the zoo. When I called my parents to tell them about it, my Daddy asked if they let me bring all three of the kids home or did they keep them? I said it was a struggle, but I managed to bring all home with me.

The girls enjoyed the petting zoo for a little while. A few of the adults (*raises hand because I was one of them*) snuck off to sit down a minute while they did this.

All in all, it was a great Spring Break. We have so much coming up before we leave Georgia and I'm going to enjoy every single minute I can!


The family said...

How sweet it looks like such a fun time. Makennas hair always looks so neatly pulled back - I am jealous. My 8 year old fights it like none other.

Michelle said...

That looks like a great zoo. Ya'll were busy too! It was a fun break but glad to be back on schedule...what will I do with summer???

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

They looked like they were having some fun! So glad you had some good ol friend time!

I love seeing the world through little peeps eyes, like with your guys face, he looked like he was having a blast!

Girl, I would take every opportunity to have as much fun as I could with all the people I could before leaving Georgia! Go wild! LOL!

Lishak said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful spring break with friends and family! The pics of the zoo are priceless. Adorable!

Dani said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. I'm glad Vitt was able to enjoy it and it was a good experience!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Looks like yawl had fun. I'm glad. Of course I wish we were there to enjoy the fun with yawl. One of these days. Love ya

The Man on the Edge said...

My love,
You did forget to mention that we didn't have to have the harness, or even have to holler at him a whole lot. Shoot, we didn't even have to make him hold our hands. He just walked along with the group. It was a wonderful day that I know I enjoyed tremendously.