Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got my Eye on her

Let me tell you what crazy me did.

A little bit of back story...

Paige came to me months and months ago with this crazy idea that she wanted to FLY to Tennessee to see her best friend who moved there (after her dad retired). I was like....yeah, right. I told her sure, she could go, but I wasn't buying the ticket.

I figured that would nix that idea quick like.

I keep underestimating my child.

She has worked (babysitting) for a while now. Lately, she's scored some good gigs that have paid well.

How well, you ask?

Well enough to purchase a plane ticket to Tennessee.


What do I do now? I mean, she took me at my word and made the money.

The only thing that *might* could stop her now is that she may get a job working this summer on base. A real bona fide-take out taxes-file at the end of the year job. She has to fill out an application and go through the interview process. She's right serious about it as she is sure this will look good on her resume in the future. Seriously? Worried about a resume at age 15. Who worried about a resume at 15? I was more worried about getting a cancer causing tan than anything else.

On one hand I'm so proud of her I could burst. Her work ethic is amazing and I just know it will get her far in life. On the other hand...when will I learn?????


Oh, and we're starting her a checking/savings account because she's seriously wanting the joy of a debit card and says she's ready for the responsibility. She's got to use it to purchase that ticket.


That girl of mine is a mess.


Krys72599 said...

Actually, Mama Hope, that girl is NOT a mess! She is one neat, head straight on her shoulders, wonderful kind of daughter! I am hugely impressed!!!
You must be so proud! (Okay, scared about that solo flight thing, but proud as a peacock!)

Joe and Samantha said...

Go Paige! ( sorry Mom! )
Savings is something kids NEVER seem to understand. Work hard to get what you want. IT's great she already understands that. Nothing comes free :) Give your baby girl a round of applause. And how about she work all of the summer and take her trip near the end before school starts. Best of both worlds.

ronee said...

paige is a rockstar..but i do hate how me, like you, a mom fails to see the small steps. like i am sure you were there every step of the way making sure she was getting to and from baby sitting. not once thinking about her getting paid and just how much ducits she was stacking up! imagine her...getting awesome right in front of your eyes!

i love you miss hope!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Sounds like she knows what she wants. Just tell her "I" said she has to fly out her for a visit before she gets to go see her friend. Ha Ha like that will go over with her.

Denise said...

A mess? She works hard to earn the money for something she really wants to do -- that sounds like a responsible, well-raised girl to me. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, grit your teeth, and get ready to loosen the apron strings. =)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I had to start flying to see my dad in Okla. when I was 9. I flew right out of GSP right to ATL and then to OKC. The first time I flew I was a little scared but they had me chaperoned at every stop. I was safe and all was well.
When I got older I talked with my mom and said, "you looked so calm when I left and I would just cry." She said," just because you didn't see me cry, doesn't mean I didn't. Your still my baby, you know!" :-}

It wasn't easy, her letting me go but I went and I was fine at 9.
Paige is older and very very smart. I am so happy for her and proud that she is a productive teen! I vote you let her go.

I agree with your buddy on here, let her work though the summer and fly out at the end! What a cool deal right before school starts!

Keep us posted!

Michelle said...

Aunt Chelle doesn't like to the same time she is very proud of Paige for her work ethics. She earned the right to go as far as the money goes..whatcha gonna do mom?