Sunday, May 03, 2009


We made it five whole years. Five years without a trip to the E.R. for an injury.

Last night changed our stats.

I've been sick the past few days. Not sure what I'm fighting here. One minute I think it's bronchitis, the next a bad cold. Yesterday, I was laying in the bed covered and shivering when I heard a loud CRACK and The Man was hollering for Makenna to go get me. I started slowly getting my sick self up but had to kick it in a higher gear when I heard a teeny tiny thread of panic in his voice.

My son had split his eyebrow open.

Apparently, he and Makenna were building a fort/house out of the couch cushions when he tripped/fell and hit the corner of the television stand.

The Man and I threw on clothes and headed to our local E.R.

The gash had stopped bleeding by the time we got there, but it was U.G.L.Y.

It didn't take too long to get in back. The Boy cooperated fully and without a squeak of complaint. I was right surprised as this was the time he is normally coming down off of his medication. He was polite and answered all the nurse's questions with "Yes Ma'am" or "No Ma'am". Dad sat close to him and I sat in a chair at the end of the bed shivering to pieces. The nurse was kind enough to bring me a heated blanket. I am pretty sure I told her I loved her.

The Doctor who took care of my son gets an A+ in my book. He didn't talk to down to The Boy at all. He was straight forward, matter of fact, and HONEST. The Boy was told every single thing that was going to happen. The numbing shot was explained fully and so was the sewing part. When it came time to do all of this? My baby was a CHAMP. He cried just a tiny bit (over the numbing shot in the injury itself) but didn't fight or scream. The Doctor explained every single little thing he was doing and my son laid right there and let him do what needed to be done. I stayed at the end of the bed with my mouth covered to prevent germs from getting into the newly cleaned cut. I had a moment of concern for The Man when the sewing started. He started squinting really hard. I told him if he fell? To fall forward on the bed and not sideways out of the chair...that I would beat him if he fell out.

FIVE stitches later, all was said and done. For those of you wondering? Glue was not an option due to the place of the injury. We asked. They were afraid that using the glue would cause a "lip" of skin and it needed to be closed completely so whatever scar was left would be minimal.

The Doctor remarked that The Boy was probably one of his best patients EVER. I can believe it. The nurse rewarded him with a bunch of stickers that thrilled his soul to no end. We finished up the paperwork and headed out with instructions to come back in five days for the removal of the stitches. No problem.

I was dropped off at home so my boys could go get some ice cream. The Boy earned that ice cream with being so good and cooperative. The Man earned his because he didn't hit the floor with all the needles and sewing.

As sick as I was, I was still on top of the picture taking.


I do believe this warranted a trip to the local E.R., don't you? This was taken in the waiting room. Note how cleanly it split his eyebrow in half!

Kicked back and waiting for the Doctor and Nurse to get the suture kit and come take care of business. He looks rather relaxed, don't you think?

Sewn up and good to go! No swollen eyes from crying and Mama and Dad were feeling relief!

It was a right decent trip to the E.R. (relatively speaking). We were there about 2 hours before being sent on our way. I can't tell you how proud I am of my son for how he acted under pressure. I know he was scared to death, but he listened and cooperated like he was grown. I firmly believe in being honest with kids about what is going to happen in situations like this. If it's going to hurt? I tell them. To me personally? NOT being told and being caught by surprise is far worse. I have been told by my brother (who has my 7 year old nephew) that this won't be our last visit. I kind of believe that considering who we're talking about here.

We are home from church today as I am still far beneath the weather and The Boy needs to keep it low key for at least one day. I didn't want to share my germs at church and his wound is still fresh enough to be a little scary looking to other kids.

The excitement never ends here at The Edge!


Roni said...

aaww....what a trouper...and your cousin is right-our boy...two trips for stitches and 3 for possible broken bones two of which were actually broken arms.

Michelle said...

oh they can look even more alike:)

I hate it that this happened does sometimes. Kyle was good for his head stiches too...I think they are in some kind of shock:) Good the man didn't fall out! Glad you were a big boy Vitt!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy and that wound DEFINITELY warranted a trip to the ER. Good for him though for being such a champ. I'm right there with ya on the being honest with the kids part. I absolutely detest for a physician or nurse to tell Miss Ma'am, it's not going to hurt. I try my best to make sure she understands that "OH YES IT IS." She's learned on more than one occasion that she's best off to listen to 'the momma' rather than 'SOME' of the personnel/staff in that type of setting & we've even worked out a body language of sorts so she knows when they're not being completely honest with her but I do digress, as usual - LOL.

Hope you're feeling better soon and The Boy is up and going strong before long as well. Prayers for you both for a speedy recovery.

Hugs, Miss Hope!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Hope, girl when it rains on ya it pours,huh? LOL!

I hope you get whatever this is knocked out of ya soon and WOW on Vitts trip to the ER, that makes me wanna buy him some ice cream! What a big boy!

We have always read the name tags on the docs and nurses and made sure Alex knew they were his friend and that we have respect for them as well. I have never had a problem with Docs and nurses handling Alex. Alex has always been a great patient.

We have been to the ER a few times with sickness and once for having a little hairbead stuck in his nose!

I am now anti-hairbeads!

The family said...

Okay- he is such a CUTE boy! I am so sorry for this stupid, yucky fall but glad that all went well and that he earned icecream and better yet that the trip to the ER was relatively speaking "short".

ANd Hope get well soon!

Krys72599 said...

Poor Boy! Glad it was a good visit, all in all.
And for the record, I'm married to an ER addict. Let's see, just in the past 19 years we've visited for the following reasons: he stuck his own leg with an electric drill, a severe bladder infection, his friend split Jack's eyebrow open AND fractured his eye socket by hitting my husband in the head with a dumbell, a cut on his hand, a cut on his leg, he was jumping a fence and fell (yes, straddling it!), and numerous other visits I can't even remember now... Oh, I forgot when he burned his eyes welding without a welding mask...

Sheila said...

aww Poor guy! Glad he is doing good. I felt like I was reading my own post a few weeks ago when I was laid up in bed sick and my daughter busted her forehead open on the edge of the wall after tripping and my husband carried her into the bathroom bleeding! Sounds like your ER trip was a little better than ours. We were there for over 3 hours before being seen and then it took them 10 min to glue her head shut! I wonder why they did stitches instead of surgical glue on him?

Lishak said...

Glad he's okay. My brother did much the same thing as a boy. That's part of rough and tumble, I guess. :)

Denise said...

Oh yes, the old split-open-the-eyebrow trick. My son did the same thing on the edge of a desk. The good news is, the eyebrow kind of hides the scar, and kids heal quickly and well. Hug your little guy and tell him how brave he is!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Poor baby. I feel for him and you guys. I know what you were going through. At least it took a little over 5 years before you had to take him in. I didn't evern make it to 4 with Charlie and Sweet Pea wasn't even 2 yet. Well her's was a stomach virus. But still the panic sets in and you have to be strong for your kids and not let them see your panic because when you panic then they tend to panic. I'm glad he was a trooper for you. We had to hold Charlie down and his was in a spot where it could be glued. And yes I know this is only the first trip to the ER for both of us and I know it's not going to be the last. They have to much energy. Give him a big hug and kiss for me. I love you all.

Shari said...

5 years - with a boy...guess the streak had to end at some point LOL!!! What a trouper though!

I've tagged you to play along on my blog with 6 of My Favorite Things: