Monday, May 18, 2009

Lost and Found

The Man and I aged a good five years yesterday.

It was coming on evening time around The Edge. The Man told Makenna to go get The Boy and tell him to come sit with Dad so he could wind it on down and get ready for bed. She went to the other side to get her brother and came back and said he wasn't over there.


I really wasn't paying attention at this time. The Man got up and looked in The Boy's bedroom and he wasn't there either. He went to the other side and still couldn't find him.


I decided to get up and see if I could help find him because he wasn't answering our calls.

Paige got into the search and still no boy.

We looked under beds and in closets. Lumpy blankets were pulled up and there was no sign of the boy.

We moved the search to the outside. We really didn't know how he would have gotten outside. A month or so ago, he went A.W.O.L. out of Makenna's bedroom window, but was found quickly and hasn't done that since. Or had he? Makenna's window was unopened and still locked.

Our son has been known to be some kind of Houdini, so we still searched outside.

Did I mention it had been storming here? Water was sitting on the ground in puddles as it hadn't had time to soak in yet.

A few months ago, The Boy had stated he was going to Miss Carla's house one day before we stopped him. He has an internal GPS built in and could seriously find his way if he didn't get hit by a car.

The Man got in the Tahoe and went to drive around. Paige started walking outside our court looking.

Makenna took bicycle duty around our court, riding around the back of homes on the edge of the woods.

I took the house and started literally tearing things apart looking.

I had visions of us calling base security and all kinds of chaos starting. I knew they would put someone at the main gate immediately.

I was mad. WHERE was this kid????

I stomped through my home (do you realize the damage you can do to feet on concrete floors?). I a very loud tone...."BOYS FULL ENTIRE NAME...IF YOU DON'T COME HERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I WILL CUT YOUR BUTT!!!"

A little voice said, "Hey, Mama."

I went to the end of the couch on the kid's side. We have a television stand we're using as an end table at the moment. He had crawled underneath it and put a pillow in front. It was a small space and very easily overlooked.

I grabbed his arm and high stepped him to the other side so I could call his Dad and sister.

I. Was. Livid.

I made him sit there until we were all back together. He knew trouble was in the air.

After a quick supper, this kid was sent to bed. He was not spanked because both The Man and I were that upset.

I was so scared. We all were. I know kids do stuff like this all the time. That doesn't make it any less scary. I had visions of my son wandering outside, falling into one of these full puddles of water and drowning. ~shudder~ I'm all nauseous thinking about it.

He was found. The power of a Mama's voice found him. That, and his full name in a loud voice. I guess he knew I meant business.

I hope and pray he doesn't do anything like this again. My nerves surely can't take it.

Once it was all said and done? I sat in my chair and told The Man......."Lord. I am going to be at home with this kid all summer. I won't make it if he pulls stunts like this on a daily basis."

I'm sure you all understand now when I say I just adore drama free days.


Krys72599 said...

Thank God he's okay!
And that spanking?
Methinks the wrath of Mama might have been enough! (Although a good spanking sometimes is the only thing that does the trick, in my humble opinion. Sure worked for me!!!)

Anonymous said...

Girll! I saw your daughter looking for Vitt when then hubbs and I were walking the dog. When she told me what was going on my heart started pounding and I really looked at John and said "Should we go get the car?" Then your daughter got the call that the search had been called off! Very scaryyy!

ronee said...

i totally hate the anger that washes over you when you know your children are safe..after you were in a panic! i have more then five or so times just had to walk away..cause they would have had to call the police cause my kid was beatin to death!
i love you..good luck this summer..if you need to call me..we can see him from my living room couch on my play ground!

Miss Hope said...

Miss Krys? I was scared to spank him at that point with the adrenaline going through my system. Trust me...we've discussed it thoroughly this morning already.

Margot? Paige said she saw you when she was looking. THANK YOU for being willing to help us look! You have no idea how much we appreciate that!

Ronee? Girl, these kids sure are giving us a run for our money!

Anonymous said...

Girl! I know that feeling and that fear. Although it was a different circumstance completely, the scary is all the same!! I am so relieved that you found the boy - for you AND for him!

Poor little guy was probably terrified what was coming next feeling that troubled tension in the air, so I think the non-cutting route was probably best all the way around but I do, also, know that adrenaline rush very well that scares the mama into not making a move for fear you're going to truely hurt the kid.

The Pauline Goat Ranchers said...

Hope! Oh my gosh! I was freaking out reading your story! Thank God it all turned out for the best!

Bless your hearts! So thankful it wasn't worse!

Kristi said...

My heart was pounding just looking reading it. We were visiting at our friends house on Sunday and my toddler has learned to open doors. It was awfully quiet and i walked to the front door where it was wide open. I gasped and ran outside. Thank heavens he had crawled into the handicap van, that we left the lift down, and not out into the somewhat busy street. It still makes me sick to think about. And kids wonder why we aren't "aging" so well! Sheesh!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Oh wow. I know what you went through. Ashley liked to hide from us. And know the little man likes to but he has one problem when he does. He has his little sister right on his tail doing the same thing but she can't be quiet yet. Or she tells us where he is. So right now thank the Lord for that. But I know one of these days she will learn to be quiet as well. And I know that's when my nerves are really going to be tested.