Friday, May 15, 2009

A tad bit emotional...

I'm just a tad bit emotional today, Internets. My son is graduating from Pre K. In just the past four months, I have seen The Boy and Makenna grow. Just grow. There's been no weight gain.....just height. Gone are his rounded little cheeks that you can't help but smooch on. His face is leaner with his eyes still so bright. I am now the proud mother of a little boy.

I don't recall feeling this emotional when the girls finished 4K. They both did so well and I knew where they were going to be the following year. I had that security of knowing they would be just fine.

Yes, I know my son will be just fine. It's just been a hard year. A learning year. A changing year. I have been educated more than I ever wanted to be on this monster in his head called ADHD. Our family has adjusted to that diagnosis and we've worked together as a team to fight that monster and give control back to my son. I have seen him grow by leaps and bounds as he gains more control. His eyes truly are a window to his mind because I have seen the focus he is now capable of through those brown eyes that shine from his face.

He has been blessed with two of the best teachers. I firmly believe God had a hand in that one. I could not have hand picked two finer ladies to be his teachers and get him started on the road of learning. Makes me even more grateful that God is on my side.

I have picked up a couple of small gifts as tokens of our appreciation for all their hard work. Man, I wish I were rich or something. I'd buy the moon or at least a bunch of chocolate because I just can't thank them enough. I've composed letters of appreciation to give to the director of the school. The employees have to go through performance reviews and I think who ever is in charge of determining their raises and promotions should be aware of exceptional qualities these two ladies have. Neighbor Debbie said it so eloquently this morning on the phone when she said people are so quick to complain about anything, but rarely take the time to write a simple letter that could help so much or just say "Thank You". I got teary writing personal notes in the thank you cards I purchased. Just so you know? I am NOT a crier. I don't do that sniffling crying mess. If I cry? My people run because they can't handle me having any type of breakdown with tears involved.

It could be because this is my baby. It could be because there won't be another 4K graduation in my future except for grandchildren. Whatever the reason, I'm just so very proud of this child of mine. He has worked so hard this year to find his way to this day.

Of course, the camera is in my purse and I might be inclined to share a picture or two if I can keep my chin still long enough to focus. Moments like this make me mad because I don't wear waterproof mascara.

You do realize this means my kid is out for the summer, right? Time to make some plans to keep a sharp little mind busy!


The Pauline Goat Ranchers said...

Way to go Vitt!!! Whoo hoo!

Cry your eyes out if you want, he's your baby! I cried when Alex graduated preschool, 5K, 5th grade and I am pretty sure my heart will swell up with pride when he walks across the stage at his high school graduation!

Your a momma and its natural that our babies pull on our heartstrings at the proudest of moments!!

What an awesome accomplishment for the little guy, I know it hasn't been easy! You all deserve an award for making it through! Great job!

The family said...

WOW - Did you say OUT for teh SUMMER? We still have a few weeks left. LUCKY! Ill be waiting on the pictures. This has been such a big year for VITT.

ronee said...

summertime..WOW! i am not ready! have me..we can have fun with your little man!

Bonita said...

Girl cry on because the day brock leaves me for prek i am going to be balling! then when he graduates anything i will be balling.

And even though you cant afford the moon for those employees, sometimes a simple thank you letter means the world to them. I learned that when i wrote a thank you comment to Angel food ministries.

Lishak said...

Congrats to your little man. I know it was a rough year, but he made it...and you did too!
Good luck with this summer. :)