Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Little Dove Love

I was given a great gift through the mail last week. Dove sent me a FULL size sample of their new product. Add in quite a few coupons for $2.00 off and I do believe I've scored big time. Most of you know I am all about free samples and especially the coupons.

It was perfect timing arriving as I was finishing up one deodorant and was ready for another one. I figured why not? At first I was skeptical because I'm not a "roses scent" kind of gal. I was pleasantly surprised, Internets. The scent is not bad at all. I'm not a gal who wears sleeveless a lot in life. I'm a little leery of showing these upper arms of mine, you know. I'm really pleased, though, with how this product is performing. I highly suggest you giving it a try, especially in time for summer!

Now, I could be stingy (and it's right tempting!), but I won't be. If you're interested? I got quite a few of those $2.00 of coupons left I'd love to share with you. In fact, today at the post office, I got a bunch of .03 stamps to finish this book of stamps I got in my wallet. I'm itching to use them and would be happy to mail you a coupon! You can email me at hope_greatamerican (at) yahoo dot com. I won't go selling your address and I'm too unorganized to keep it. I can give a character reference or two or three if need be. Hey! I'm cleared to live in military housing so it's all good, right?

Don't be shy now. I surely don't mind putting one in the mail for you and you can't beat $2.00 off! Go check out their site and be sure to become a fan if you're on that face of the books page!

Thanks, DOVE! You rock!


Bonita said...

I would think the same thing about rose sent. I love getting roses but hate the smell. I trust you though and i'm a dove lover! So i'll give it a try next time i need to refill.

artsyclay said...

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