Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Idea?

I have to admit that I have entered a whole new world raising a little boy. I tell people all the time that when the girls were little, I could pretty much put them in one place and they would be there or nearby when I got back! This boy of mine? A totally different story. Since he was five months old and got mobile, he has been wide open.

Shopping for a boy is different world also. I like it, though. Going from pink to green was an adjustment at first, but I managed. The Man has always loved shopping for the kids, but now? He gets to shop for his inner kid.

Then you have relatives who enjoy shopping for kids. All of them seem to think that little boys should have at least one gun. When both sides of the family believe this....the results are crazy. This past Christmas, my son received what he believes to be an "awesome" present. The Man's sister decided it was time he got a nerf gun to enjoy. Nerf is good, right? All soft and you can shoot in the house?

She went the extra mile, she did. She got The Man one, too! It is her belief that the two of them could have a massive good time and epic nerf battles.

Unless they band together against the world.

This is what happens when the two males in your home decide that a certain 10 year old female has slept long enough on a Saturday and it's time to get up. No prisoners were taken and after the dust settled, they felt victorious.


Krys72599 said...

Oh, I love the peek into the new home!
And if they woke me that way on a Saturday morning?
Well, what would happen is what happened when my "friend" (and although I'm putting the word in quotation marks here, he really is my best friend!) decided to wake me by dumping an ice bucket full of melted ice on me while.I.was.sleeping.
I chased him into the hallway screaming like a madwoman and he just stood there in the hallway of the dorm, during our college reunion, and laughed at me until our entire class straggled out into the hallway, one by one, to see me standing there, dripping wet and yelling!
Then we all laughed until we cried.
And I decided it was time to get up after all... and eat breakfast!

Lishak said...

LOL love the's classic!

Bonita said...

LOL Love it! You got to learn Hope with boys, they never go against eachother they team up on you! Brock and Billy will be playing then all of a sudden I get a look, a look that every mother knows is not good. Before words can be passed your attacked lol. Boys will always be boys. Glad they are having fun with they're nerf guns! Stay safe Hope, or get you and the girls some and have an all out war!

Busy Texas Dee said...

Mom told me about the post. So now that I have the computer up and running I had to read it.

I LOVE it. I sat here and almost peeed my pants from laughing. I just figured since my two boys have fun with theirs then I needed to spread the joy. And when the Boy told me he wanted Nerf stuff that decided it for me. And I just knew the Man would enjoy being a kid again.

Allyssa said...

hahaha, thats the best!! I just used to get the classic ice water, that would be much nicer!