Monday, December 05, 2005

A Cayden Verbal Thought

Cayden is my 3 year old nephew and when you ask him who loves him best, he will promptly reply..."Aunt Hope". Drives my brother crazy.

Now at 3, kids are inclined to speak their mind. They can't fully grasp the concept of ...oh, maybe not mentioning something ...that it might not be the right time or place.

Case in point.

This morning in church Cayden decided to sit with me. I'm sure it was because he loves me, but it could be because I had some candy, too. Vitt sat with the grandparents behind me.

Towards the end of church Vitt was back with us and he and Cayden were pushing a couple of matchbox cars around. Service was almost over and the preacher was asking if there was any announcements. While he was saying this, Cayden dropped his car on the floor and when he reached down to pick it up, Vitt lost his balance and sat on his hand. When he did, he pooted.

During the lull after the preacher asked if there was anything else, Cayden stood up and in the silence announced to my parents:

"Vitt just sat and pooted on my hand!!!!"

And the two of them proceeded to start laughing....loud.

Yeah, those two boys are gonna get in alot of trouble together. I just know it.


Guitar Woman said...

LOL!!! Oh, my word. I'm dreading the day there's an episode in my life involving church and gas. I just know Loren is gonna do a big ole stinky in church one day, with lots of loud grunting to go along with it. Man, that sister can grunt!

Jacinda said...


Crazy Me said...

We have a Cayden in our family too. He's such a little cutie!