Friday, December 09, 2005

I Believe

Lately, I've been reading some blogs and discussion boards about whether or not people let their children believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. I can understand the side of those who choose not to let their kids believe. I just tend to disagree.

I let my kids believe. In fact, I enforce it! Magic is rare. A child's magic is a perfect magic. I have so many memories of my childhood that involve all three of the above. It gave me something to look forward. Something to work for. You had to be good for Santa and the Easter Bunny. You got rewarded for looking like a dork with gaps in your mouth with the Tooth Fairy. Face it, people. Life is hard as an adult. I am guilty of saying at least once a week that being grown up sucks sometimes. And it does. Sure, there are good points....Like staying up late....Driving....having control of the remote. But do we have magic in our hearts anymore? Not like we did when we were younger.

I remember when I found out the "truth". I wasn't devastated. I understood that I was growing up and not once did I ever ruin it for my brother who was 5 year younger. Are you kidding? He may have been the biggest pain in my rear, but that kid was mine! And when he got old enough my parents had a talk with us. We were given the option of saying out loud that we didn't believe ...or.....we could continue "believing" and continue to get gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. Humph. I am 34 years old and you will never hear me say that I don't believe. While I run around taking care of MY responsibilities for the holiday season...a little part of me is excited knowing that someone is out there "talking to Santa" for me. I'm doing my best to keep the magic alive.

We have a rule at our house. There will no goodies purchased after Labor Day weekend. My children get more than I ever did growing up. Times change. But, I don't want them to get to the point that Christmas means nothing to them. By the time Christmas gets here...they are very appreciative for what they get. They know the true meaning of Christmas. They participate in plays and pageants at church. We talk of Jesus' birthday and how special he was here and is in heaven. Who gave the most ever? So why not make His season a season of giving? ~steps down off of soapbox~ My husband took a hard hit when he was told this rule applied to him. Poor thing. He was used to going out and just buying whatever he wanted...when he wanted. The first year I truly believe he went through withdrawals those three months. He couldn't buy movies or any new gadgets that caught his eye. He now fully supports this rule and enjoys talking to Santa. I have to sometimes stop him from overdoing it. He's a cool dad.

I have been complaining about all the shopping I've had to do. But I wouldn't trade it. My SIL and I decided that she and my brother and Fred and I would trade gifts...with a twist. You have to stay in the 20-30 buck range, and it has to be different. I can't wait to see what we all come up with. Now that's fun.

So, if you let your children believe.....good for you. I want to do like my parents and keep the magic alive for my own children as long as I'm able to get out and talk to Santa for them.

If you decide not to let them believe, then that's fine, too.

That being said, stay tuned for my failure story.


Hope's Hubby said...

Well, darling, I do want everyone to know that they will never hear me say that I do not believe in Santa either. Your dad made sure that I still believed the first Christmas that I spent with your family. Besides, I look forward to the gifts that Santa brings me too. I love you.

Crazy Me said...

Hope, I have to give you props for some really great parenting ideals. I, myself, totally believe in the magic of childhood and if I ever have children, will adopt your rule. Now, I have a niece that is 5 and I love her to pieces. Whenever she gets to come visit, we have fairy hunts in the backyard and we turn my 4 poster bed into a magical carriage that goes anywhere once we close the drapes surrounding it. Kids are really special and deserve the mystery and magic that you lose once you are an adult. I firmly believe this.