Sunday, December 04, 2005

Date Night

I was special tonight!

I am on a mission to buy my husband a car and have it ready for him when he comes home at Christmas. This is not a surprise to him, just another job for me to get done. We all know how salesmen treat women. Like we're invisible. I figured out how to take care of that. I enlisted the help of my dad. He and Fred have consulted over the phone a few times and the time was right for my dad and me to go look today. My mother warned me before we left that if Dad didn't like what he was hearing that he would simply get up and walk out and I was to follow if he did. Gotcha, Mom. Something tells me she's speaking from experience. I could tell my Dad was looking forward to sinking his teeth into this. He hasn't car shopped since he got my mom her tahoe 2 years ago. I discovered that men really dig this kind of stuff.

One car lot we visited had a salesman running out meet us. He didn't even look at me, went straight for my dad. Uh huh. Big mistake, Bud. Mama has the checkbook. He rushes to shake my dad's hand and asks if there's anything he can do. Dad simply responds, "No." Guy kinda stands there and then says he's there if we need him and walks back off. Way to go, Dad. Was amusing picturing him walking off on his knees because he got cut off.

We decided to hit Walmart before going home so the new Star Wars movie could be purchased. I remind my dad that the rule is that you don't buy yourself anything this close to Christmas. I said this while hiding the gorgeous new bracelet I picked up for myself last Friday under my sleeve. People, it was a good price!! And so pretty. He shrugs and says he wants to see the movie now. ~sigh~ Patience isn't his virtue.

As we leave, he asks me if I'm hungry. Sure. We go out to eat and as I'm sitting there talking to him while we wait for our food, I realize I got a date night with my dad! And it was cool! I never get time with him to just sit and see how things are going. He never tells what he's getting my mom for Christmas. It's always the biggest secret and everyone looks forward to seeing what he gets her. He asked for my help. Shock! I felt all grown up, people.

It was a great evening and I made the comment on the way home that I hope Paige gets over her anger at her own dad and can one day be able to sit with him and enjoy her time talking to him. Maybe one day.

My good feeling lasted until I walked in my parent's house and my mom looked at me and said....take these children home!!!! This boy is making my nerve pill null and void!! All good things must come to end. Date night was over.


Guitar Woman said...

I think that's really neat that you got a "date night" with your Dad. Enjoy what time you have with him while he's still here. I know you already realize you are truly blessed to have such a great dad. On a lighter note, I think it's good for Pooh to get a nice dose of those 3 wonderful grandkids you gave her every now and remind her of what you go through every day! Good luck on the car shopping mission!

Crazy Me said...

What would your dad charge to help me when I go buy a car?

Miss Hope said...

Angela....he would love it. Trust me. He's totally in his element and I literally heard the testosterone flowing through his veins. Guys are weird.