Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heeellllllllooooooooooo Big Daddy

It's after midnight. I can say that Big Daddy is coming home today!! Woo hoo!! Fred hasn't been home in two and a half months and I am so ready for him to get here!!

The Navy finally consented to be decent and let the guys go early tommorow. I still think there's a catch in there somewhere. I wish that car had wings, but as old as she is? We just want her to make it home. Big Daddy will be driving back in a new vehicle. Got that bad boy all lined up. Still not sure if he should have a car with leather seats, sunroof, etc etc. Kinda sporty for an old married man. Yeah, Mama done hooked him up good. (grammer sucked there, but that's how I said it out loud)

Another good surprise. Fred's brother is coming to spend Christmas with us. He was working in Florida and was headed back home to Nebraska when his truck malfunctioned. So, instead of pushing it to get back and there being a chance of him being in a hotel room on Christmas Eve, we convinced him to come here. My husband has not spent Christmas with a parent or sibling in four years. He's very excited that Matt is going to be here with us. We've been cleaning all day long preparing for his arrival. Paige is not happy about the manual labor. Vitt gets to really meet another Uncle. I don't think he remembers Matt from when he was 3 months old. Yeah, I'm wondering how that boy of mine is going to handle going from man of the house to there being two other males at least 3 feet taller than him around. Could be interesting.

I am ready ready ready for that man to call and tell me he's on the way.
I got a list a mile long for him to do while he's here!!! And I'm going to the bathroom without company. Dad can take over for a while.

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