Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Failure as a Fairy

Let's skip away from the Christmas madness for a moment, shall we? I know I definately need to take a breather from wrapping and attending social functions, if only for a minute.

I have hands down won the award for Worse Tooth Fairy Ever. I just refuse to believe that someone else in this world has been as bad as I have.

See, I tend to forget by the time that I go to bed that the Tooth Fairy needs to visit. I've done this just about every single time with both my girls. It was okay when Fred was home on a nightly basis. He was awesome at remembering. Since he's been gone this year? Oh man. First example was back around end of June. Makenna lost a tooth and full of anticipation, she put that teeny tiny tooth under her pillow. She woke up the next morning and tears rolled down her face. The Tooth Fairy had forgotten her. Well, I've never been accused of being a slow thinker. Quick as lightning, I told her that alot of people took vacation around the fourth of July, and maybe the Tooth Fairy was doing that very same thing. I told her to be patient, that she would get to her, but she would have alot of catching up to do around the world when she got back from vacationing. This smoothed things over nicely. And I PROMISE I tried to remember every single night to rectify the situation, and kept forgetting. A WEEK LATER, I finally thought about it and because of the massive load of guilt I carried by then, wouldn't you know? That Gorgeous Tooth Fairy left her 5 whole bucks!! And a letter of apology. She was a gazillionaire then, people.

There are many more stories, but that by far was the worse. Til now. Makenna lost her tooth over a week ago. She is an official snaggletooth since it's in the front on the top. She has faithfully checked under her pillow every morning and sighed a big sigh. I told her that maybe since it was so close to Christmas, the Tooth Fairy was helping Santa to get ready for Christmas Eve. I lie to my children!!!!! Oh, the guilt. Here I am.....totally endorsing the magic of childhood and all that goes with it. I believe in Santa....and the Tooth Fairy....and the Easter Bunny. Then I go and stab their little hearts. Of course, I now remember and will make the Tooth Fairy look gorgeous again and redeem herself by tomorrow morning.

The best part of it? Mak continues to hold onto hope. What better lesson to teach about hope, huh?

Please take note parents. Don't follow in my footsteps. Write it on your hand with a pen if you have to!! The lies...they build and build until you can't remember if you told your kid the Fairy went to the Bahamas or an Alaskan cruise. And trust me...they'll remember. I think they're born knowing how to trip us up.


Crazy Me said...

LOL! The tooth fairy will be far from memory as long as Santa remembers to come!!

Jacinda said...

Hope, I just skimmed this post, but the general gist I got was that you forgot to put money under Makenna's pillow, right?!?! Well, I still think you're a good mom! Hang in there, girl! I hope you get to spend some good "quality" time with Fred over Christmas!