Thursday, December 07, 2006

Feeling Right Froggy and Good to Go

I never had family out of state until I married my husband. All my family is for the most part, local. After acquiring a Yankee hubby, I acquired his lovely family that were nowhere near local.

So, every year, we struggle to get Christmas done and mailed in time. And we have not had that many successful years. The year I was pregnant.....well, it was a bad year. The presents SO didn't make it on time. In fact, if I remember correctly...they were a few months late!

This year I vowed would be different. And it is! YaY!

We finished shopping for his family this past Tuesday evening and it was so easy. We have not had such a easy shopping experience where we found good stuff for every single person. Even the brother in law I've never met! Last night I sat and wrapped each gift lovingly and put cute computer generated personal labels on each gift. Because I was pushing to get them done, Fred decided to be generous and pick up supper to go. We all decided to ride to pick up supper. As we're driving along listening to Christmas music on the ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC husband is sitting in the driver's seat dancing to an old favorite. I've been fighting a cold or allergies and wasn't catching a groove. I looked at him and said...I know why you're in such a good mood. Oh?..he said. Yeah, said I, we've got your family totally done and you're a step ahead of them and catching all kinds of attitude. Nah, he said, with a grin. Sure.

And Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge? Sir, we have in our home, your long lost great great great great grand-daughter. Her name is Paige and she's got to be the sourest (my word invention there) person I've EVAH seen. She has nothing good to say and any moment I keep expecting her to say BAH! HUMBUG! So, Fred and I piss her off by commenting that we're not going to let some snotty 12 year old bring us down, etc etc etc. Nothing grates her butt worse than being talked about like she's not there.

I've even considered doing the 3 ghost thing. Past, present, and future. Was really warming to the idea until I realized that if we did that......she'd probably have to be in therapy for being scared to death. So not worth it.

I'm going to get a little container of glitter and start sprinkling her with "HAPPY CHRISTMAS" dust when she goes sour on us. Joseph, the shepherds, plus the baby lambs.......she'll be glittered from her head to her toes.

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