Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Paige-isms....the next volume

The night my husband was out all night ....uh....working, Paige and I were having a pretty normal conversation. We were talking about school and whatnot. She has a technology class in the morning time and when all school work is done, the students are allowed to surf the Internet. Of course, it's monitored and a lot of the sites are barred by the higher ups. I dig the thought that the teacher can access any student's screen at any given moment to see what they are doing. Apparently, this teacher is pretty good at catching wrong doers.

Paige made mention that she uses my side bar to visit other blogs I have listed there. She also mentioned that she can't access my comments because it's barred for some unknown reason.

Then we get to this part of the conversation I thought I would share with you.

She informed me that she could access every one's blog but Get Off My Lawn's. She then went on to say that she assumed this was because he was Canadian.

Pause for that perfect thought to enter her head................

She then said..."OMG. That is so wrong. What is this school? Country-ist? Jeeze. You got racists, weightists, and now we got countryists. Will it never end???"

It literally took me a minute and when I caught it, I died laughing.

Lawn? My girl is on your side, man. She's gonna fight for the Canadian bloggers of this Internet World.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Another quick note for you, Internets. I added a couple more sites that I like to visit on a regular basis. A good number of bloggers I have listed are fellow Navy Wives. We all live this crazy life with views that differ from person to person. I support my sisters and hope that you, too, enjoy visiting their lives from time to time. If you are a visitor and would like to have your name on my list, just let me know! Of course this will mean a visit to your blog where I leave random comments at will. Are you willing to take this chance?


Get Off My Lawn! said...

I am SO there! Tell me where and when and I'll show up with a sign and a pair of protest sneakers! We'll march on Washington for freedom of access to Canadian thought! Hmm. I wonder if the American military-industrial complex has something to gain from my silence! I suddenly feel quite important... like a modern-day Trotsky with dangerous ideas swirling in my head. No, it probably just means I've used a swear word or something and the school's filters have picked it up and blocked it. But, Paige's instincts are good. What could possibly harm her from reading my blog? Wait... don't answer that.

Domestic Diva said...

LOL!!!! That's all I can think of to say! I'm sooo laughing here!

Paige said...

WOOT! Protest sneakers!! ((wtf??))
Okay, so I don't know what protest sneakers are about, but I'm all for some protestin'.
What can I say? I am my mamas daughter. ^_^

And Mr. Lawn Sir Person Dude Man, I don't think it would be because of a few swear words. Trust me. I know that 'cause OneHung and Cookie would be oh so very blocked. 'Specially Mr. OneHung. Lol.
I read his too, so thats how I know.
Anywhosawatchi, I'm gonna ask around and see just why exactly they Surf Controlled it (don't feel bad, they blocked NeoPets games as well [[bahaha, stop wondering, it was a joke with some of my friends in class and gives me something to do]]) Surf Control is block. Thats just what pops up when a blocked page is pulled up instead of the page you requested.
Well I'm gonna to now.

((had my mother gone through with her promise and let me write about camp whilst it was still fresh in my mind, you would all get this. But noooo, you don't. : P ))

♥ Paige
@(^_^)@ ((((<-- a monkey))))

Paige said...

Oh, wait! WTF with me stands for what the freak. Just so ya'll know.


now you know.

just wanted to clarify.



Get Off My Lawn! said...

Whew! I would hate to have to call your school and complain about the use of profanity over the internet. So glad you cleared that up! BTW (which means by the water when I use it) you are a very smart student for finishing your work early so you have the luxury of being appalled at the blatant and unilateral censorship :)

AndreaLeigh said...

Hahahaha that is FUNNY!

Sugar said...

protest sneakers: comfy (but fashionably chic) footwear one can wear for hours and hours whilst protesting. That's just a guess, but as another crazy Canuck, count me in!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

Tag! Check out my blog for the rules, and then it is your turn. :)

andria said...


That explains the school yard hits I've gotten. I was beginning to wonder.

House of Hayes said...

I *luv* Paige...that girl is going places !!!

Melanie said...

You know I can read your blog at work too, and all of your friends except Mr. Lawn. I can't see notes either. Yep, all blocked for me too. So Miss Paige, it's not just your school being countryist, it's the entire government :( we might have to buy two pairs of protest sneakers (that's just an excuse to shop for shoes you realize).

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Oh dear. I guess there's going to have to be words between me an GW. I'm not looking forward to it because I beat him at checkers last time we met. He took his pieces and went home. I may have heard him crying. You think maybe he's holding a grudge and that's what this is all about? Try another Canadian blog. Here are a couple. If they work, we know George has something against me.



Miss Hope said...

Lawn? I'd be more than happy to go have a chat with GW with you. It might be interesting, don't you think?