Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Been a Year

Because we aren't party animals, I got time so close to the ringing of the New Year to jump on here and post a little something.

Christmas was good as always. We visited The Edge I for a week. Saw our kids believe in magic once again. Was reminded of how bright the season can be when Santa stands up in a crowd of people and says, "Who's been naughty?" ....and your son raises his hand. The Boy is honest.

I can't get into the subject of driving home. About how our normally 4.5 hour drive turned into 7 freaking hours because of congestion and idiot drivers. We were smooth, Paige and I, because she had the thingy that would play the IP*D through the van radio. Sweet. Fred wasn't so lucky travelling behind me with Mak and the twins (who are spending their normal week with us while Mama and Daddy are on a cruise). He had to listen to a few movies that he would have preferred to watch.

I won't piss and moan about the weather being so wishy washy and making me have this nasty sinus crap. You know...the "Exploding Head" deal? Yeah...don't ask me to bend over right now. My eyeballs might pop clean out of my head. I just wish it would make up its dang mind. Cold or hot. I don't care. Just pick one already!!! Dang.

I could tell you about taking the kids down to my Grandma's house to ride the 4-wheelers on Friday. The niece and nephew got mini gas powered deals that are perfect for two kids to ride on. Little Brother took his massive one and when everyone took a break from riding...Miss Hope thought she might take it for a spin. After a quick lesson from The Man, I took off for the back field. Honestly? I didn't even know that field was back there in the middle of the woods. So, there I was riding along the edge of it in previously made tracks when I get to a corner that seemed on closer inspection...a tad bit more muddy than I liked. After I did a little Tokyo Drift around it, I realized that: a. I had the only machine able to get back there. b. I had no way of letting someone know if I didn't make it through the drift. c. I needed to ease it on back to the house. Big fun.

So, here we are, back in Georgia. Glad to be home with our stuff and back in our own beds (Dear Lord. Thank you for 800tc sheets. Amen. P.S. Thank you for the 450tc mattress pad underneath those sheets, too. Amen.) Life is good as my husband is enjoying Auburn and Clemson at a bowl game. GO TIGERS! (that was for Em and Carla's benefits)

Happy New Year to you, Internets. I wish you peace, happiness, and money in 2008. Hey...I know those three things would work splendidly for Miss Hope.


carla said...

Thanks for thinking of me Hope...I am so glad to have met you this year and I can't wait for another year of memories with ya.

AndreaLeigh said...

Happy New Year! I hope it is a fabulous year for you and yours.

jaime said...

i want to come to S.C with you! It sounds like so much fun. Our christmas was spent at the e.r with a baby having a 104

Happy New Year, and im glad you visited us last night!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Happy New Year to you and family. If you can handle a four-wheeler, snowmobiling will be a breeze!

Aunt Anne said...

I know your Mom was happy you were home anyway. That little guy sounds so perfect. I wish he was close so I could give him a big hug.I know about the traffic it can be bad.
Happy New Year To all of You.

House of Hayes said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone there in your house ... from everybody here in ours!!
Can't wait for the middle of the month when I send this girl child of mine back to school!! :) She is missing it something awful.To the point of wanting to play school here at the house.And she is the teacher..GESH
HUGS to everybody and MONEY MONEY MONEY dance for all of us :D

Tracey said...

You crack me up! And I'm happy that you got the good vehicle, too!