Monday, May 07, 2007

How to Blow 200 Bucks Quick

I can tell you how to rid yourself of $200.00 quick-like. It's very simple to do.

Let my son come to your house for a visit.

Because I know he flushed two cars down the toilet and that's how much it costs for the plumber guy to disconnect the toilet from the floor and wrestle with TWO stuck cars that almost refused to budge.

THEN I get parenting advice from Plumber Man as he leaves.

1. Put a toilet lock on. (no can do, man...because we'd all end up peeing on ourselves trying to get the thing undone)

2. Keep the bathroom door locked. (see number 1)

That is when I just nod my head and act as if I treasure his parenting advice and will follow it to the letter.


p.s. The cable is out. Again. And I am very unhappy because I can't tolerate watching the Mick*y Mou*se Playhouse movie but so many times before I start digging in the back of the medicine cabinet for nerve pills I no longer thought I needed.

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OneHungMan said...

YoungHung has certain DVDs that he watches religiously every day. So much use that those Hung parents have had to replace a couple of them due to crazy usage.

A quick cure to this was to start showing the little boy home videos that have been saved to hard drive. The little narcissist (sp?) will literally sit in front of the computer for an hour just watching himself.