Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Big Picture Post

Edited on November 26, 2008. Why? Because the original title of the post was The Big Butt Picture Post and I was getting hits from all over the world. Methinks there's a bunch of perverts out there looking for things they shouldn't be.

Lots of pictures taken recently. I'll just jump right on in and start with captions to let you know what was going on. Sound good? Yeah, it does to me, too.

My son was supposed to be in bed. Instead, he was in the hallway messing around. He decided to put his feet in the lid of the laundry hamper, then freaked when he couldn't get them out. Smooth move, Son. We were able to save the hamper lid with little trauma.

Last Sunday evening, we enjoy the festival at the church we've been attending. Face painting, hay rides, food, games, and balloon swords made for a fun evening!

The mini-pumpkins we decorated Crafts and Conversation Thursday before last. I love how everyone does something different and they are all so cool! Add in some spider suckers and call it a good time! The pumpkin on the plate wasn't dry yet. It was a lady bug!

The Boy and Neighbor Debbie's daughter last night. When I asked for permission to post her kids' pictures on my blog, she informed me it was perfectly okay and I could even give directions on where to pick them up if I wanted to. I love this because these two are literally growing up together. They fight like brother and sister and two minutes later play beautifully together.

The crew who Trick or Treats together scores the most candy. The menfolk were kind enough to walk with them while Neighbor Debbie and I held the home front down and dished goodies.

Speaking of.......told you I had a costume! I wore my Great Pumpkin outfit during the day and slipped a little head piece on for evening. Neighbor Debbie had her own head piece and we were set.

I'm doing the close up so you can see the straw coming out of hers. I found out later I had mine on backwards!!!! Oh well, it was still rockin'.

Thanks to Miss Carla and her amazing powers to find anything on the Internet, my baby got the costume of his dreams. The Green Power Ranger! (you HAVE to say that with feeling). He had a helmet/mask deal, but it didn't make it. He'd wear it a minute, then take it off. I think he was kind of hating it on his face. It's all good. I'm sure this outfit will become the norm around The Edge.

Speaking of Internet. While searching for craft ideas, Neighbor Debbie came across The Puking Pumpkin. Thus, her determination to make one of her very own. It turned out fabulous. Many folks would have to get a closer look while escorting kids and then laugh and proclaim they would be making their own.

Last we have the warning: P.E. can be dangerous! Yesterday, Makenna was pushed (or fell..still unclear) at P.E. The nurse called and said her arm seemed fine and she was going to wrap it up and send her back to class. We're kind of used to calls from the nurse because my child finds in necessary to share all ills and woes. This morning, she was still complaining, so The Man packed her up and took her for an x-ray. It's not broken, just badly bruised. The local E.R. put a half cast thing and sling on...much to her pleasure and surprise! Home she came, bandaged and ailing. I looked at The Man and said...."Just what the Diva needs...more Diva accessories."
This concludes The Big Butt Picture Post. I'll try not to let them get away from me again. Have a wonderful weekend and can you believe it's NOVEMBER already? What's up with that?


The family said...

I love the pictures. However, poor Makenna. What a bummer!I am so sorry. However - where is the BIG BUTT picture? Now that I was waiting for.

Miss Hope said...

Tee Hee. There's not enough screen room for a true "BUTT" picture!

Melissa said...

I was expecting a big butt pic too. I thought maybe your DS had taken some unflattering pics while sneaking around. ;)

Enjoyed the pics, thanks for sharing!! Oh, and tell little miss that children with casts are supposed to be given an ice cream sundae every evening until the cast is gone. TEEHEE

Lishak said...

Okay, I totally laughed at Vitt stuck in the hamper lid! That is something I would have done.
Love the cute painted pumpkins. Adorable!
The puking pumkin is very interesting!
Love the halloween outfits looks like you had fun!

Sugar said...

November, I know! Where the heck did October go? Love the pics!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

PE can be terribly dangerous. Pushed, fell, checked, slipped, slid, it matters little. Whatever doesn't kill you... may leave permanent scars. If there are any more problems with gym class, you can always send in the GREEN Power Ranger to investigate. He is tougher than all the rest, if I remember correctly. As long as he can keep from getting his foot stuck in the door of his Zord.

AndreaLeigh said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

C said...

Count me as another one who thought there'd actually be a Big Butt picture. :P

Cute pics!

Kristi said...

Loved the puking pumpkin! If I enjoyed carving pumpkins I would do that next year. This year we just left the pumpkins in their natural state to enjoy their beauty...uncarved. it's a wonderful thing. :0