Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give some Thanks

It's here. Thanksgiving Day 2008. I'm still in shock that I'm sitting in Georgia instead of South Carolina where the blood relatives are.

I guess I'm supposed to compose some cheesy post about how thankful I am about life and all that goes with it. I could just say that my list is just too long to compose and be done with it.

We're good here at The Edge. Carla and I spent a few hours yesterday preparing for the feast we're going to partake in today. I've got it sitting out already ready to cook and enjoy.

We're going eat and share company with some great people we love.

I won't have to miss out on Black Friday because guess what? There are plenty of stores here! My husband isn't out to sea or stuck on a boat somewhere unable to share this with us and he'll be right beside me searching out the good deals.

I miss South Carolina with all my entire heart and I will probably have a sad moment or two today because of it.

My family is here with me. All five of us. Together.

Happy Thanksgiving, Internets. I pray you all will feel a blessing today.


Joe and Samantha said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Krys72599 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from one of your Internet family!!!
And I know from whence you speak 'cause my mama is in Arizona with my sister for Thanksgiving, instead of here with me!
I talked with her this morning, and it's just not right, not seeing her for any of this year's holidays (she's not coming home 'til Jan.9).
We'll muddle through, though, you and I, 'cause the special people we *are* spending our day with are so wonderful!
Happy Turkey Day!

C said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Hope!

Sugar said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Monogram Queen said...

I know it was hard not to be home in SC, but "home" truly IS where the heart is!