Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We made it! We had some good food on Thanksgiving because we were all properly stuffed. I think the hardest part of the day was having to throw our own traditions out the window. That's kind of what happens when you are a guest in someone else's home. Their traditions take precedent. It was the first Thanksgiving meal of my life where there was no rice and giblet gravy. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but just noticed is all.

Black Friday shopping was a complete success by far. Neighbor Debbie decided she would join us. This was her first time, so she was given Rookie status. By golly, she won't be wearing yellow bumper stickers on her butt next year! (Nascar reference there if you don't get it) The Man, Neighbor Debbie, Neighbor Brittani, and myself hit the road at 3:15 a.m. I kid you not. It was right festive and lots of laughter was going on. We hit a store at 4 a.m. and caught a few good deals. Then we headed to Belks. I heart Belks. They were giving gift cards to the first 200 who entered the store. We were around 15 to get in. While shopping, everyone else scratched theirs off to see they had gotten the customary $5.00 card. When asked if I had scratched mine, I replied I wanted to be surprised.

I got surprised.

When I went to check out, the lady scratched mine off. She said in a shocked voice, "You got $100.00!"


I really didn't believe her at first.

I was getting high fives from people checking out in line. I'm glad Paige wasn't there because Miss Hope did a dance of sorts.

The total of my purchases was $101.00. HA! How cool is that? Add in The Man's $5.00 gift card he got and WE GOT CREDIT!

I was on a roll then, Internets. The mood of my day was set and you couldn't touch it.

Wouldn't you call that a successful venture?

Because of the economy and that things are a little tight around The Edge, we have had to refrain from exchanging presents with everyone we know and love. It was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made. It was really nice shopping and talking to Santa without the added pressure of a thousand more gifts to worry about. I truly enjoyed the time with my husband and neighbors and the breakfast wasn't bad, either.

The Man fried his turkey for Thanksgiving. FINALLY. That Man of mine has been wanting to fry him a turkey for years. He's had a fryer for about 4 years now and has never used it. Well, this year was his year. He researched and researched the best way to fry that bird. I made him watch that commercial on television about the dude not having AT&T and so his bird exploded. (my new favorite commercial!) A buddy at work has fried many birds and gave my husband some really great tips that, I think, made his job easier and the turkey better. I am so proud of his hard work and let me tell you.....this was the best turkey I've ever eaten. Hands down.

Note how far away he is from my house and how diligently he's watching. Why, he can't even sit down for keeping such a vigil.

After The Boy got dressed, he had to go out and help supervise. He had to check out the fire extinguisher his Dad had and everything else he could in a 10 ft. radius. Note: If he wasn't on his medicine? I don't think we could have let him go out there. It would have been too dangerous. But, he was able to listen when his Dad told him it was dangerous and to stay far away.

TA DA!! The finished product. 13 and a half pounds of eating goodness right there, Internets.

Last night found us decorating the Christmas Tree. The Man always puts the tree up and Paige and I "fluff" it and make it pretty. Believe it or not, this tree is huge. The angle of this picture makes it look small. How sweet is Makenna and The Boy? They were so excited. I had made another batch of Christmas Tea earlier in the afternoon for us to enjoy. Makenna got her hot chocolate and we continued with our traditions. I made a new tree topper this year I want to show you later. I'm right tickled over it. We're going to finish up with knick knack decorating today and maybe put up our outside stuff. Lu has already called me to let me know they're off of the cruise ship and headed our way (which they have to go through to get home). I'm looking forward to enjoying my Saturday.


The family said...

Ohh Hope. It looks like you had a great time! I have NEVER had a fried turkey now, I must admit I am a bit curious. I don't think i'd allow my husband to try frying it here with all the fear of fires though.

Sugar said...

This post made me smile. It sounds like you had a pretty darn good Thanksgiving.

My father-in-law deep fries a turkey when we all go on our family camping trips and they are always delicous. They cook really fast too. Looks like The Man did a great job!

AndreaLeigh said...

What a deal! You totally scored!

Krys72599 said...

Wow! You went holiday shopping and came out with a credit??? Way to go, Miss Hope!!!
And 13-1/2 lbs? Was it a chicken? Our holiday turkey was - drumroll please - 28 lbs.
I didn't even know they made 'em that big!!!

Sheila said...

Fried turkeys are the best!! I'v only ever had one and that was at my granny's years ago, but I do remember how moist and juicy it was! YUM!! =)

Monogram Queen said...

We love fried turkey, going to do one in the next couple of weeks.
So glad the boy can enjoy things now. It makes a huge difference!

Lishak said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Looks like you scored some great deals out shopping too! :) The holidays are such fun!