Thursday, November 06, 2008

Update or two and a mystery solved

I don't believe anything ever came of the yahoos who threatened violence at the high school the day after the election. If I had found out it was my kids? I would have reamed them a new one. There's stupid and there's stupid, ya know?

We're still tweaking and experimenting on trying to find the right dosage of medication for The Boy. He started at 5 mg and is now at 15 mg. I'm telling you, this kid is like a bull elephant with 30 people surrounding him with tranquilizer dart guns. He just can't be taken down. I believe his metabolism is just so freaking high, he metabolizes that stuff right on out of his system by lunchtime. He saw Dr. M. on Wednesday. Dr. M. stresses that he doesn't want The Boy to be a wooden soldier. I literally laughed and said that definitely wouldn't happen. If we find the 15 mg dosage isn't the right amount, then the good ol' doc is going to switch to another medication. Argh. He eats well on this medication and it doesn't affect his personality...except after he comes down off of it. Suffice it to say he had a meltdown of massive proportions at our local Walmart when we stopped in to get his new meds filled. To the point where in order to get him out of the store, I had to walk backwards while dragging him by the hands. Not good stuff, Internets. I got punched, kicked, screamed name it. This old lady came up to me as if to say something and I held up one hand whilst wrestling him with the other and said, "I know how he's acting and if I knew no one would call the cops, I'd cut his ass right now." Yes, I said that. I was beyond redemption at that particular moment. (Sorry, family was just that bad) He did, indeed, get his butt cut when I got him the truck. When we got home and Dad found out he had punched me? He got his ENTIRE butt cut then. His Dad made sure he understood that under no circumstances was he to EVER punch his Mama. EVER. Yeah, I was pretty teary the whole time. God, this is hard. It's hard loving this little stinker so much and knowing the road he's on is a long one. I don't want it to be hard for him. Let ME take the hard and leave him be. We shall persevere, though, until we get him where he needs to be. *For those of you who don't believe in spanking? Okay. That's you. This is me. This is how we roll. You do something of this magnitude? You are gonna get.your.butt.cut.*

And to all of you local who read this and maybe saw the crazy lady dragging the kid out of the store? It totally wasn't me.

There's a mystery solved, my friends! Remember when Neighbor Debbie and I found the strange fruit? I had really given up on figuring out what this rancid tasting thing was. The other night, I received an IM on Yah*o (scdreamin30, btw) from Mandi with a link. What on earth, I thought. I clicked on it to find THIS. How about that? The mystery fruit would happen to be persimmons. And we were picking them way too soon.

That meant I had to send Paige on an errand. She does a good bit of evening walks with Neighbor Debbie's daughter, Neighbor Britt. Tonight, she brought me back the fruit of Britt's labor (she had to climb the tree to get to the top where all that was left of the fruit was). ha ha..good one, huh? I agree with Mandi completely. We have ourselves a persimmon tree.

Have I tasted it yet? I haven't quite gotten up the nerve. We're probably going to bust out this evening and see what it's all about. I'll be sure to let you know.

Picture time! Here is the proof of a lot of tree shaking:

Can't wait to hear feedback if you've tasted one of these!


Michelle said...

Hoping you get to the bottom of the boys issues soon and laughing at the picture in my head of you dragging him out...I can see you now speaking to that lady before she even had the time to say anything...

I'm sure the Dr. will get it right soon...

Lishak said...

I'm glad you figured out what the fruit was. It is odd looking. I haven't tried it. But update us on what you think!

andria said...

Girl, you're from the south and you didn't know what a persimmon was???

More importantly, do you know how much they charge for those at the grocery store? 3.99 a pound. ON SALE. Get out there with a flat bed truck and sell those things on the side of the road! I have persimmon cake recipes, persimmon bread recipes. But I don't use any of them because I can't afford persimmons.

And I know exactly how you feel with your boy. It's the way I feel with my first boy. It's just hard. One day they will thank us and there will be a special place in heaven for us.

Miss Hope said...

Obviously I am from the poor South if they cost that much! Dang!

Anonymous said...

Okay - good luck on that Persimmon thing. I haven't found one yet that didn't taste like skank no matter how ripe - I believe it's one of those acquired taste things to be honest & I must say, those are the biggest ones I think I've ever seen in my life :\.

Now on to the Walmart incident ... ROFL!! So that was you?!?! Just kidding - but I'm still praying that y'all find the right regimen of meds for The Boy. It takes time - just hang in there, mama!

AndreaLeigh said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. If I had been with you, I would have waded in there, gotten his arms and you gotten his feet, and dragged him on outta there. Poor boy. He will get better! Poor mama... how embarrassing for you. And I hope that woman had no plans to say anything ugly to you!!

The family said...

Haha - How many different way have you and Paige photographed this fruit. I am expecting some recipes now !

Keep up the faith with the finding the truth and getting to the bottom of th ematter . If ANYONE can do it its YOU.

C said...

Persimmons are yummy. That variety is the "hachiya" persimmon.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Hey I am with ya, on tanning some booty. You'll always have my vote on that one! I hope all is worked out with the meds soon for Vitts sake, poor ol' thang! Stick with it Sistah, we are all praying for you guys!

As far as persimmons whoo-whee, I think you just have to have a taste for them. Good luck with it, can't say I'll be joining ya on the sampling though, lol!

Take care, thinking of you all!

Miss Hope said...

Andrea...Neighbor Debbie said the same thing! That she would have grabbed his legs and helped me get his screaming butt to the vehicle. I am still in shock that he pulled such a stunt.

Krys72599 said...

I know nothing about the meds, Miss Hope, but could his behavior be related to coming down off a dosage that isn't quite right for him? I know he's a bundle of energy, but punching his mom? Uh-uh. Not allowed! Glad his dad pointed it out to him!!!
We're crossing our fingers for you (along with our toes, legs, eyes, etc., whatever it takes!) and sending some prayers on up to the Big Guy!

Karen said...

Well darn! If I read your blog more regularly, I could have told you the little fruits were persimmons. We had a tree in our front yard. I hated that tree. They were constantly dropping to the ground and if you just let them stay there, they were a HUGE mess! We had to constantly clean them up to save our shoes and the grass. lol!! Glad you solved the mystery though!

cat said...

Miss Hope, I love, love , love persimmons (now, girl they have to be ripe. Ripe like a really soft peach)they are full of vitamins and are really sweet and healthy for you.

Now on to more serious stuff. My Nephew has ADHD to the enth degree. It took my sister-inlaw 12 months to get his meds controlled along with his out burst.

I want to tell you a story of Nathan. He is 7 years old and a beautiful soul along with a huge heart, but honey, you get him out of his element and into certain surroundings when the meds stop working (it's kinda like a science project) and he will become the devil.

I seen this baby go completely crazy on his mother (at Cracker Barrel one eve. for dinner), he bite her until she bleed, he pulled out several hands of her hair along with hitting her like a man would.....fist and all. This was all in 1 (one) of his fits.

I started to cry when I witnessed this and my sister-inlaw handled it just like you, people around us was trying to come to her aid and she did the same.....threw her hand up and asked that they please give her room so that she could carry him out of the resturant.

Nat was only 4 years of age when all this started. He was always Hypher and moody as a baby, but as he got older he would just lose control. I remember I asked him once (after one of his fits and after his meds started working) why he was bitting his mommy? and he started to cry and said I don't want too, I just can't help it aunt cat........I melted at that moment.

These babies can't help what they do and in no way do they mean what they do, it is this very ugly disease that does it to their brain and in no way do they love us any less.

I will pray for you and your baby and I ask this in Jesus name.

Hang in there babe.....we will get thru this.

Anonymous said...

Gosh how I can relate to the whole medication thingy.

My 12 year old started on ADHD medication when he was 5 and I think it took almost a year to get the right med and dosage. Luckily, it has worked for him ever since and he is on the SAME one since then!

He started out ADHD. Now he is just more ADD.

Not easy dealing with a child like this.

I wish you the best of luck.

=) Bella

Monogram Queen said...

I feel for you, I really do.
My daughter has very high metabolism and even when she was in the ER last January and had been given THREE shots of Morphine she wouldn't go out. It scares me sometimes.
You'll get the right dosage and he will be just fine. I"m sure of that.