Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feel the Love

You need be feeling some serious love here, Internets. I have been waiting on Mama's dial-up connection to get to this page for about ten minutes now. Lawd, I do NOT miss the dial-up connection at all. I knew it was going to be slow. I've been here before. Yet, I still sat down and tried to clickety click click my way along. The connection said to me, "HA! Surely, you jest!" I guess I did.

Christmas has been good to us. We've got to spend time with our family, both in person and with The Man's via the phone. I think he's a little bit more homesick this year than normal. Both our parents have had health problems this year and he's really missing his (and his siblings) this year. Must be his age talking, huh? I know how he feels and I just sit back and understand.

The kids totally scored, but not overly so. The girls left this afternoon to go spend time at their bio-dad's house. I begged them both to go and have a wonderful time and just enjoy being together. We'll see how it turns out. We won't see them again until Saturday. While I know that's not along at all...when you're used to them being around, it makes me miss them more than I can say.

I've taken so many pictures and would love to share them with you, but it'll have to wait until my return to Georgia. My trusty laptop knows me and understands me. I promise I got some good ones!

I just wanted to check in and say "Hello". I'm going to go try and visit some of you, but I can't make any promises. Waiting 10+ minutes for a page to load will do a number on your nerves. No wonder Mama only visits The Edge once or twice a week. I bet she has to wait a good 30 minutes when I do a picture post! Whew.

Oh, one cute tidbit to leave you with. My Aunt's husband (long story) had his leg amputated about six months ago from the knee down(diabetes related). Last visit home, he had one leg. The Boy took note of this, but didn't say much about it. We walked in to see them Monday evening upon our arrival and there sat Uncle H. with his new prosthetic. The Boy looked...looked again...turned to his Dad and said, "Look, Dad! He growed his leg back! He got 'nother one!" See, kids DO pay attention! We got a good laugh off of that.

Take care, Internets, and know that I'll be "seeing" you soon!


Miss Hope said...

Yes, I see the errors in the post that I didn't catch when I proofread. It's too late now, man. I hit post and to bring all that back would take an act of Congress. I'll catch it when I get home!

The family said...

Hope -
You know you can post from your cell phone? It will totally make life easier.
I LOVE the story about the man that "growd" a leg back!

Karen said...

"Look Dad! He growed his leg back!" LMAO!!! That is too funny! I love it!

Krys72599 said...

Hope YOU feel the love!
I brought my mom's laptop up here to the lake and just for kicks and giggles, I tried to hack into an unsecured wifi connection - and I got one! And whose blog was the first one I went to?
Hope your holidays are full of fun and health and happiness - can't wait to get back to the posting and reading next week...
(Don't want to get caught hacking...)

Michelle Tanner said...

Hope, all the more reason to come and visit me and use my HIGH SPEED!!!! I am only 1 or 2 miles away and would love to have you over.

Jill AKA busymom said...

I feel you Hope...when I go to my parents house I debate whether i should just subscribe to wireless for my lap top...can imagine having to wait for dial up all the

Monogram Queen said...

I feel your pain, my Dad still has dial-up too!

Glad you had a wonderful holiday and I am so sorry the Man is missing his family. Too bad everyone can't be together!!!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

merry belated christmas! safe travels back to the edge!

Michelle said...

That's too cute...growed a leg sweet!

It was great to see you even if only a short while...I promise we will be heading that was soon!