Saturday, December 20, 2008

What She Got!

I received a call from the Elementary school Friday morning before school even started. I caught my breath as I wondered what on earth could have happened to my child since she had been dropped off 40 minutes before.

The voice on the other end of the line assured me all was fine. It was more than fine, actually. The school had been having some sort of giveaway deals going on. Each day had new drawings for gifts. Thursday it was for two bikes. They literally pulled the names out of a hat and my baby's name was pulled Friday morning!

Miss Voice went on to tell me that we might need to come and get it as it was too big for her to handle. HUH? What is in this thing? She really didn't know, but we could help? I assured we could. I called The Man at work and told him about Makenna's good fortune. At noon he swung by to get the goods.

Holy Cow. Not one piece of candy to be found. It was a bunch of...stuff. That requires batteries!

I used to think she was tall. I'm not so sure anymore. The Man says we need to get her to pick out lottery numbers for us. I'm thinking he might be right.

Lots of stuff. The coin sorting bank was cool. The microphone that goes through a radio is rocking. She is sharing her good fortune with her siblings without prompting which makes me proud. Can you see her expression when I commented that Santa doesn't need to come visit now that she's scored? It was priceless. No, not everything has been opened. I'm thinking I'm going to see if I can appeal to her good side about donating some of them to a good cause.

Now, I'm going to try and show you some more pictures from the other day when blogger flaked out on me and wouldn't let me do anymore uploading. I am digging this way of decorating where my name is used on a regular basis. I've found all kinds of cool things with my name in the past year. This is a neat one I've found. See how it's located near the Vikings ornament? Wonder who that one belongs to??

Ladies and Gentlemen? This is THE ornament. Meet Snoopy With Antlers on Skis. I remember this ornament being on my tree since I was really young. Mama gave it to me when I moved out or when I got married- not clear on that. I know it has a place of honor on our tree and I'm very particular about it. I love Snoopy.

We're cleaning and being right busy as we prepare to head to South Carolina Monday. I'm busting butt to see if I can get as much done as possible. I really really don't want to come back to a house that will need cleaning immediately. Methinks after six days of going, I'm going to need a break.


Denise said...

That is one honkin' huge stocking! She totally scored. And sharing with her sibs, so sweet! You must be raising that girl right.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Score. Good for her for sharing. I used to have one of those microphones that cut into the radio. Scared the crap out of my uncle late one night by softly calling his name while he was trying to listen to music. Fun.

Bonita said...

wow she deff. scored! that was really nice of the school to do that for the kids. Hope she has fun with it all.
Have a safe trip

The family said...

Okay - can we transfer to THAT school? How cool is that. Makenna - you rock girl!
I am likin snoopy to. Its a very cute ornament.

Lishak said...

Wow what a fabulous stocking!
I really love the hope ornament.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Carolina! We'll be in Charleston, ourselves.

Kristi said...

Sa-Weet! I can't believe they gave that all to one person. They could have wrapped up each of those awesome things and had a bunch of drawings. How cool to win such a load. Lovin that.

Monogram Queen said...

Wow how totally awesome that she won! Can she pick out lottery numbers for me!!?