Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Ball 2008

You guys are scoring bigtime. This will be the third picture post in a row! What can I say? Too much going on and not enough time to really get it all done.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Melinda, Emily, and Carla. Without these three, I don't think the whole outfit ensemble would have been pulled together. Melinda is a fellow Navy Sub Wife waayyy over on the West Coast who was so kind and gracious to send Paige a formal gown back at the end of the school year when she thought she was going to the 8th grade dance. When she decided not to go, Melinda told her to keep the dress for when she would need it. NJROTC Winter Ball 2008 turned out to be the time. After searching for cute shoes last week, we came up empty handed. Emily, yet another fellow Navy Sub Wife, went in her closet and brought the perfect pair that finished off the whole look. Add in Carla who did a few alterations on the dress (with Melinda's permission) to make it just perfect and my baby was ready for action.

I scored big brownie points by getting Paige out of school early Friday in order to decorate the ball room they used on base. It took up the whole afternoon and we were tired when it was done! It really looked great and I'm so proud of Paige and Neighbor Brittani (head of ball committee) for all their hard work. Even if the butthead retired Master Chief in charge of NJROTC took full credit for it. My Internets will know who did all the work and that he showed up around 2:30 p.m. with his entourage, stayed all of 15 minutes and left. This is the same guy who made the kids stand outside in the pouring rain in formation with the winds blowing (we were under a tornado watch at that time) for their inspections Thursday morning. The kids were chattering and turning blue because the weather dropped about 15 degrees in less than an hour with the storm moving in. The winds were so strong some smaller kids were falling. Most were locking knees to stand upright and if you've ever stood with knees locked? You know you'll fall down.

Did I just go off on a tangent? Well, just pardon me. I have a few issues with this man and am biding my time and waiting for the chance to confront him about it.

Let's take it down a notch with some really nice pictures, shall we?

I did her hair and makeup. Why? Because I love doing that stuff and why pay someone else to do it when I'm perfectly capable (if only in my own mind)? Look at all those curls!

I like the tree in the background with it being Winter Ball and all, you know. I had some eyeshadow that matched the dress. Not a color you'd wear everyday since it's all shimmery and such, but perfect for a formal occasion!
Is this not a gorgeous color? I love the modest cut of the dress and how it falls just right.
I really didn't ask Christian if I could put his picture on my blog. The boy will come to the realization soon enough that if he going to be a regular around The Edge...he'll be on the blog. He was right handsome in his uniform and was thinking my girl was looking good. Yeah, we're keeping an eye on him.
Both the kids were good sports because standing next to me was Christian's Mom. She was snapping pictures just as quick as I was. She was the limo driver to the ball and The Man did duty driver responsibilities at the end of the night.
Cinderella had a great time at her first formal dance. It wasn't as hard letting her go as I thought. I think that's because her boyfriend can't drive yet. When she gets to that point? I'm going to seriously need nerve pills.
Feel free to tell my baby girl how pretty she was. I know I did at least a few dozen times!


Melinda said...

Oh Paige! You looked absolutely beautiful! Hope you had a good time there ~ because you sure did looked like a princess!

...And Miss Melinda has more dresses that are yours for the taking when you need them!

.Becca. said...

I will totally hook you up :)

Shoot me an email when you have a chance, with ideas and things you'd like in a banner. I'm more than happy to help you out with your blog layout, too :) I love playing around with that stuff. Yep, I'm a closet computer geek. I guess I'm out now.

Bonita said...

Miss Paige! You look beautiful!!!!! Hope you had a great time. Formal dances are the best and so much to dress up for.

Guitar Woman said...

OMG! Paige is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Good job on the hair and makeup, Miss Hope. Those blonde curls r 2 DIE 4!! And Paige pulled off that sassy eyeshadow very well. I bet it brought out her blue eyes wonderfully.

Christian has scored a few more brownie points with me. Being a "big & beautiful" girl myself, & a close personal friend, I feel the liberty to say the following. Most guys Paige's age are looking for a "skinny mini" who looks like a model out of some magazine or on TV.

Now, Paige is beautiful enough to be a model, in my opinion. But the pressure society and peers put on young girls these days to look like a walking pencil really bothers me. My point here is that I believe it says something about Christian that he, being pretty slim himself, does not mind if his girl has a little "junk in the trunk." Ya hear me? I think that's a good thing.

Obviously, Paige is beautiful. But this says to me that Christian is the type of young man that looks at the total package, including brains, personality, etc. Yep, brownie points with Aunt Mar. Ok, Miss Hope, what's your feedback on this?

I hope they had a MAGICAL time at the big winter ball!

The family said...

ABBBBBsoulutly gorgeous! Marvelous dahling. Ohhh ahhh. I love the color and the modest dress and that dat was looking pretty darn good too.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Oh Hope, Paige is so pretty! She looks like a baby doll!

Ok, how about a mommy makeover?? I love the curls and makeup!! Are you up for hire? :}

Christian is very handsome too! I love the uniform!

I hope they had a wonderful time!!!

Denise said...

Gorgeous! Nice job on the hair, too. And I'm all about the modest dress. Love the ice blue color, very fitting for a winter ball.

ronee said...

love love love love it! she's a hottie! i know i am not going to be able to let go!

cat said...

Girl, she looks sssoooo GROWN!!!

You better lock that one up until she's at least 30 yrs. old!!!!!

Lookin good baby girl, lookin good!

Lishak said...

Wow! I love her hair! Very cute!
Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. :)

Michelle said... look beautiful Paige...but what's always do to me.

Keep that handsome boy in line!

AndreaLeigh said...

She looks gorgeous! Great job on the hair and makeup, mom!

Kristi said...

Her hair is gorgeous!! The color of the dress was spectacular. It is fun to get all dolled up every now and then. Looks like it was a fun night.

Monogram Queen said...

Not pretty - GORGEOUS! That color was perfect and you did a wonderful job on her make-up!!!!